Small change and claification

I made a small change to the website to clarify that players can choose to hide any of their badges they think have negative consequences.

A player wrote to me last week saying they had trouble finding allies because they had some wolf badges, and of course I was happy to hide them for him.

That’s not how badges are supposed to work.

I hope in the new server update I can have a feature that allows players to show and hide their badges themselves.


This will make your record keeping much more difficult… :thinking:

If you’re gonna do this you should really bring back the toxic badge.

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I am a little confused. What was the original vision for the badges if it was not to recognize how people have played in the game?

That being said I have never not worked with someone because of a badge they have. But I have being more willing to work with people that have more badges than none.


Badges in general are used to recognise people in future, you’ll have a lot fewer people bothering you buy badges with this change.

Also if it was the player with several wolf badges I’m thinking of, people avoid playing with them because of their behaviour not their badges.


If badges are to be hidden or full anonymity used in the game there needs to be a player database or leader board or something where player profiles can be viewed. Otherwise no one will ever see the badges.

I don’t like anonymity as the norm though. As Kaine pointed out there are consequences to how you treat people.



If I may suggest, perhaps in the next server update we could have a option to choose the starting color or the geometric shape…

Using Neptune’s Pride Agent plugin you can change shapes/colors.

If I catch anybody using exploits to give out toxic badges I might have to bring out the ban hammer. :slight_smile:

@Jubblefet The purpose of the badges was to reward people you enjoyed playing against, never as punishment or as a black mark against their name. Apparently some people consider a wolf badge a bad thing.

Carrying a grudge from one game to the next is not in the spirit of the game.

The shape color thing will come when I merge Proteus and Triton later in the year.


Carrying a grudge from one game to the next is not in the spirit of the game.

“Grudges are human nature.”
– Sun Tzu

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The more I think about this the more I hate it.

You have no formal way of building a community apart from recognising badges and name patterns. By allowing badges to be hidden, you are reducing the ability to understand who you are playing with from game to game. This is not a good thing and goes counter to how most of your community engage with the game.

Plenty of players with Wolf Badges get allies all the time. The person who has complained to you is probably the person who has backstabbed or quit on his allies time and time again and when he is recognised yes of course no one wants to ally with him. That’s on him. It’s not carrying grudges: it’s building your reputation, and his is bad because he has been bad.

The fact that players have to worry about their reputation is one of the reasons you have a blessedly non-toxic community. You will actively damage that by allowing players to hide badges. You will also reduce the badges we buy SIGNIFICANTLY. Since you complained on costs from the API, many of us have increased the badge purchases we’ve been doing to cover things. This change makes the whole endeavour seem pointless.

If someone really wants to do a reset, give them an option to wipe their profile. All badges, all wins, all rank, all ratings. New true alias if they want to. They can start over and build their rep from scratch.


How come that the “toxic” badge was ever a thing then? I would like to understand how it can be interpreted in an enjoyable way.

Plus, I don’t wanna sound ungrateful, but it has been years since you promised @HULK and me to help us give out tournament badges to the best 1v1 players of this community. Whenever I ask about it, there’s no time, but maybe soon. Which is fine and understandable, you are doing this in your free time after all. But when an alleged regular backstabber/quitter complains about their badges (which other players bought!), it is tackled immediately. I do wonder whether it is much more work to add some tournament badges to a few players’ profiles than to hide them.

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The toxic badge was a mistake, that’s why it was rolled back.

The tournament badges don’t exist yet is why its more work. Need to add images and help pages and code paths and things. It should be easier at the moment. Why don’t you email me a list of the email addresses that you would like one awarded to.

I always thought the intended use of the Slice of Cheese was a warning and maybe even more of a warning than the Wolf.

How so?
I understood it as “gullible” / easy to surprise and juicy with extra cheese…

I assign cheese to buttholios I encounter. Usually at least 3. The more cheese you have, the less I trust you. It is what it is, FAFO