Small Changes


There are few tiny changes I made to the interface today in response to some new player feedback I have been collecting. No big deal for those of you that know the game I think.

Let me know if you see any problems.


The weird blue / in orders is part of this?


what does it look like?




Those are exclamation points. I forgot what fleet order triggers them (do nothing?) but they appear to be italicized now.


Hmm, can no longer see the collect all symbol when plotting waypoints… Do nothing and drop all still show up though.


I removed the collect all symbol because it was default. A few players have contacted me over the last few months to tell me they were confused by them at first.

If a star name does not have a symbol it’s collect all.

I made them blue to stand out from the text some more but didn’t realise I was making them italic as well.