Smartphone usage

Good day!

When I use my smartphone(android) it is really hard to navigate on the map and select stars and/or carriers. Is it possible to implement small arrows at the edges of my screen or something similar so I can navigate the map?

When I touch my screen on my phone, a couple of things can happen:

  • I can actually navigate the map and select stars and ships (this rarely happens)
  • It moves the map randomly (49%)
  • it scrolls the website and menu(49%)

This even happens when I hold my finger on the screen and start moving after the vibrating/buzzing of my phone. I checked this with the phones of friends who also play this game and all have the same problem, I don’t know or other phones besides android have this problem.

I am looking forward to your response.


Hey Sadotu, can you tell me what kind of phone your are using. Are you using the Chrome browser?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, two of my friends have an S4 and I am using the standard browser on my phone.

I had the same phenomenon with the standard browser.
I am now using the Chrome browser, and it works like a breeze!

Is there going to be a bugfix for standard browser users?

I suspect that this is not a bug, but rather a question of technology: The Android standard browser does not fully support HTML5, but that is the technology used to implement NP2… so there is not really another fix there but to use a browser that does fully support HTML5 (as for example Chrome or Firefox)

I am not a HTML5 developer, so i hope i am not telling complete bullshit here… but that is essentially the result of the research i did to solve the problem for me.

So a good solution is: Install Chrome or Firefox on your phone and use it to play NP2.

@Camelorn is correct in that, if it works in every other browser and not in the default android browser, then the problem is with the android browser. Hower I like to try and make everybody happy and would love to fix the bug.

Unfortunately though, I don’t have an android phone with that browser. My nexus phone ships with Chrome.

If anybody know anybody who would be willing to donate an android phone to IHG I would take the time to debug this problem. Anybody know anybody and Samsung?

I had issues on my iphone 4 until I upgraded first to ios6 and then eventually to the current ios7 with a 5C.

So it very well could just be the outdated technology.