So I just wasted 2 Gnostic Mages due to fat finger. - UI Quality of Life Request


So I was just playing Blight. (Most the time I play in a browser on a PC, but for those extra lazy moments at 4 in the morning, I’ll try to navigate it using Chrome/Android on my phone.)

I had a large group of Blight heading for me just under 3 leagues away. And I had a Storm Friar and 2 Gnostic Mages queued up to do their lightning dance.

Bam! I use the Storm Friar to “Fry” the Blight…

I then pick my first Gnostic Mage and go to recharge the Storm Friar… I’m in a settlement of like 30 units, so I have to scroll through the list to find my Friar.

This isn’t the Gnostic recharge menu (That menu shows each unit by themselves and not grouped, but since I don’t have access to it, I’ll show you the number of units I’m talking about…)

Anyway… so I’m on the phone which requires lots of touch drag touch drag, and one touch drag was misinterpreted as a touch… and my Gnostic Mages restore the ability for… Human Swordsmen facepalm

They don’t even have a special to recharge. ugh.

Okay, no worries, I still have my second Gnostic Mage…


This time I accidentally recharge a group of Goblin Bows that don’t need recharging.


So here’s the request…

I know there is the desire to be able to cast your spells on anything even if it has no effect for future possible benefits (Like use as many spells as possible for X to happen) so you want everything to be a valid target even if it’s a dumb move. I get that, that’s fine…

but can we at least get a confirmation “You’re about to use this ability on this unit are you sure?” with the Yes / No buttons far FAR away from each other. :wink:

I just turned what should have been the end of a game here in a few hours, to now waiting another day for this horde of Blight to shamble across the map, so we can get the final kill.

(Still a great game.)



Yes, I think I confirmation dialog here would be good.

Do you think I should try and detect if you are on a touch device, or perhaps when there are a lot of possible targets.

Anyhow, thanks again for the suggestions / feedback.


Confirmations of “are you sure?” are also sometimes helpful if a player has been drinking a bit too much or is half awake, trying to play. (but even then, sometimes there’s no helping those guys. :wink: )