Some Advertising

Hi Folks,

I was thinking I might roll some of the money from premium purchases into advertising for a little while. See if we can find some new players and freshen up the player base again.

Does anybody have any recommendations for where I should do it?

I thought I might just try google search adverting for things like “space strategy game”.

I could also try Facebook I guess. (I just don’t really like Facebook)

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I think this is a great idea Jay, I’d probably focus on instagram and facebook personally. You can target the ads very specifically at the right demographic.

Funny story, I was just trying to set something up on Google Adwords, and was having all kinds of weird problems. After about 5 minutes I worked out that their website doesn’t work very well when you are running uBlock Origin.


Check in with the Starborne crowd, @JayKyburz, they seem most enamored

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You can target the steam community. Many people want to play a game called Stellaris which is like NP but costs money. By targeting that community you can get those who want to play Stellaris but can’t pay for it to try out NP (which have similar mechanics).

Also you can try out some Reddit servers, and different gaming forums as well. But my main target would be the Stellaris community.

Good idea Bosshogg, on the long long list of todos when updating the game is to get an installable version of NP onto Steam. I did it for Blight so should not to too hard. (the tricky part is working out how to sell premium.)

Maybe add some more features to premium players so it is more of an incentive to buy? I’m sure people can think of some tasty suggestions for premium accounts if you start a thread.

I’d be happy to have more premium feature but please, never give an advantage to people paying, only fancy shit.
(I really like having the ability to change my colour/shape in Proteus for example!)

Proteus itself is only for premium players lmao

NP seems to have a good amount of appeal to board game players. I found NP in March when I was looking for something to scratch my Twilight Imperium itch. Advertising on might bear some fruit.