Some ideas



I’ve thought about some features can be added to this great game. I’ll refresh the post with the new ones.

  • List of the Buccaneers
    Why don’t put a list of them without clicking on a boat? Sometimes you haven’t a ship to check what’s the one with the big nose and the gold earring.

  • Preview of the Maps
    When you host a game, you can’t see the preview of the map selected, while it happens with the Join Game modality.

  • Experience
    It should be funny to see how many games a players joined and successfully finished, as it happens in Blight.

  • Settlements reward
    When you create a settlement it shuld be nice to find a booty, like a little amount of goods.

  • Natives
    We’re in the Caribbean, right? It should be funny to find native settlements, like maya, aztec or taino, that can be conquered or used to trade with. They could also give special units.


Agreed with the natives and settlement rewards thing.
Unlocking special units or ships and thus rewarding exploration is a good incentive. And since this is kinda a spin off of Blight of Immortals you could use your Blight assets for said Native units.


Thanks @JeanRenard!

There is currently a tooltip on the Buccaneers, but that doesn’t show on mobile, so we are going to show their name under their head permanently to help. We could also put a list in the help too.

We are going to totally change the game hosting page, so you can choose a map by preview, before you go to setup the details.

We are planning to add experience and eventually badges to BBB like in Blight and NP.

We’ve been thinking about treasure pickups for exploration. On creating a settlement would be a good time, similar to Blight!

We’ve been thinking about some neutrals for later on too! Maybe something like highly armoured and very rich Dwarf ships that sail through the map that you can loot.

Thanks for the good ideas and feedback, keep them coming!


Having natives in the game is a great idea. Would also love to see experience added. Glad to hear you guys are already thinking of these.


I love anything and all dwarf ideas :slight_smile:
Yeah have them be big boss like ships akin to the Spanish Gold ships back in the Golden days of Piracy! Difficult to take down but you get loads of gold out of it!


The “natives” could be Elves living in the forests :slight_smile:


Perhaps something akin to High Elves?
Alundrian elves we got in Blight give me the Wood Elves feel as in they are more feral,primal and dangerous than we are known from most fantasy fare. So for the Buccaneers, Bounty and Boom we could have grace full high elves with proud ships and settlements.

Heck we can go for Orcish slaving ships as well if you like? Attack a Orc slaving vessel and you can get a few buccaneers for free?