Some Move Debug Info

Hey, I also just wanted to mention this little bit of extra move debugging info I’ve added to the unit card. If you see one of those units that seem to be suck somewhere please shoot me a screenshot.

The first number is the hex they are coming from, how far along the path they are, they hex they are moving to, and how long until they make their next step.

Had the bug happen again… Below is a series of screens. Screen #1 shows that the ETA timer has expired. Screen #2 shows basically the same thing with the debug info. After screen #2 I queued up some further movement (screen #3), but my unit was still stuck at the vertex, even after refreshing the page.

Also to clarify, no combat is occurring here, the other zombie unit has already moved on to the north.

This isn’t a bug, but I wanted to point out something odd. The on-map overlay shows blank for the time remaining, but the debug info shows another minute left. It originally showed 2.5 minutes left (while the map overlay was still blank), when I started prepping for the screenshot. The other odd thing is that it shows the Beacon of Life card in the other armies section, yet you can see that card is nearly a whole vertex away.