Some n00b questions about Turn Based game(s)

So, I started with a test game first (not turn-based) to get a hang of it, liked it much and then started with a turn-based game.

First, let’s see if I got it right. In the game overview it says “24 Hour Deadline. 8 Hour Jumps”. This means that it takes 24 hours for the turn to end (or less if all players press “Submit Turn”). Then, when turn ends, in that moment the game progresses 8 hours. Meaning that the game-time runs three times slower than real-time. Right?

If right, then what exactly does this mean (I picked it up from forum):
“Max wait 10h, 8h per turn, 20h day”

Next question.

I’m two turns into the game. The game situation is shown below. Obviously, I’m red. Yeah, the one with half as many worlds as everybody else. My question is: how??? How was it practically possible for people to double their number of planets in 16 hours game-time? (Again, if I got the times right)?

So far the real-time game I’m playing is working fine, but I feel there is something crucial I’m missing in turn-based version.

Sometimes people are not very clear in their communications, or with experience, some people become too familiar with their communications and abbreviate.

Most likely, that is the game pauses 10 h real time to wait for all players to submit their turns, at which time the game will process 8 ticks forward. And most likely pay day production is 20 ticks long.

Carriers may be given a chain of orders from star to star.
Carriers may also be given multiple orders jumping on its own star.

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It would be clearer if it said:

Turn deadline 10 hours - real world wall-clock hours
8 ticks per turn - the game will jump forward 8 steps per turn.
20 ticks per production - every 20 ticks you get income.

How many hours per turn? It depends when people commit their turns. Maximum turn time is 10 hours.
How many hours per production? It depends when people commit their turns. Productions happen in average every 2.5 turns. So maximum real world times oscillate between time is 10 * 2 = 20 hours and 10 * 3 = 30 hours.

IMHO one of the big UI problems is how hours and ticks are mixed up continually.

As for actually answering your expansion question… You want to expand in as straight a line outwards as possible. Geometric expansion is the dream. You can pass over small resource stars if it would otherwise slow down expansion. If you cannot pass over a star it can sometimes be worth creating extra carriers just to capture a further away star a few hours earlier.


With 4 carriers you could have had all of those highlighted stars in the same amount of time. 1 carrier at the closest to the northwest star. 1 carrier to get to the west star. 2 carriers to gather the two east stars and the last gathering the last two north… northwest ish stars. I believe this even would have been possible if you hadn’t set the carrier to immediately leave one star to get to the next. After 2 turns 16 hours has passed which means each of your carriers could have traveled 4.5 lightyears.

Ditto what AnnanFay said - ticks and hours are used somewhat interchangeably so it can be confusing. Hopefully with Jay getting back to working on NP a day/week, he can make a sweep through the documentation/UI and clean some of this up.