Spells & Neutrals

As i was reading the forum today i saw a post (Way back in 2015) about adding spells so i decided id make an updated post on it as that was 5 years ago. i then started looking at previous posts for more info and ideas THEN i saw a post about NEUTRAL cards and i was like hell yes i’d love this! but alas i cannot speak for my fellow players, i’m normally on single player anyway. Also, I think the zombies should have their own spells! These cards can have their own section in the “collection” tab named “Neutral”

Neutral units would most likely when blighted turn into the race of the town (or banner) they were spawned in at

Some ideas:

  • Rain of Arrows
    Range 2 ( from a settlement or ranged unit). Strength 200 attack. Consumable. Costs 8 mana.
  • Sloppy brickwork
    Choose a settlement, all units gain +2 while in that settlement. Lasts 6 hours. Consumable. Cost 5 mana


  • Decoy
    Choose a mortal you control, every zombie within 2 leagues is compelled to move towards it for 12 hours. Consumable. Cost 6 mana
  • Trebuchet (250 G)
    Range 3. Strength X * 150 where X is the number of trebuchet in this unit (300). Restores in 20 hours. Cost 10 Mana. 6 hours / league by road


  • Meteor
    Range 2 (from a controlled mortal) 150 damage. Each body within 2 leagues has a 75% chance to be burnt, each mortal within 2 leagues has a 50% chance to be destroyed. Consumable. Cost 12 mana.

Zombie spells- These would be problematic to add as zombies have neither Gold nor Mana i suppose it’d be possible for them to earn Valor. So instead i thought maybe give them radius capabilities/buffs? Maybe it’s only in their home turf?

  • Humans:
  • Elves: Non Elven Hordes in a league radius will speed up (-2 hours, same as the Gryphon horn)
  • Dwarves:
  • Orcs:
  • Goblins: Graveyards will spawn 25% quicker in a league radius
  • Trolls:

I left many blank as my ideas tend to be simpler and I am not the only mind there, feel free to share ideas or art!

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I love the idea of there being different types of settlements with different powers that you can unlock as a spell card playable on a settlement in the same way we deploy units. :smiley:

The only issue is that unfortunately the game is no longer in active development. So we will have to make do with what we have for now. :sweat:

PS: A comment on your elven and goblin power. Elves making everyone around them (including themselves?) will be unbelievably game-changing, and same for the goblins. Imagine a human or orc fortress near goblin settlements, or a Gryphon blitzkrieg through several towns when you’re sleeping. :cold_face:

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ah i hadn´t realized it was no longer in active development

Also the effects would only be while the´re within that radius. it does not affect themselves