Stars coordinates


How can I make a list of my stars coordinates?


I am curious. How would you use this information list of stars coordinates, besides maybe plotting on a graph ?

There used to be a gamer contributed code that could get this list, but that code has stopped working for several months.

You will need some Trigonometry skills for this honest method.
Sometimes I can anticipate the locations of unseen stars in a dark galaxy.

In most NP2 Triton games, the locations of empire starting HW home star can be figured out.

In most standard games, HW are a known “Starting Distance” apart.
close = 8.0 LY = 12.0 LY * 2/3
medium = 12.0 LY
far = 16.0 LY = 12.0 LY * 4/3

In a hex map, HW are at 60 degree angles from each other, usually forming equilateral triangles.

In a circular map, take 360 degrees and divide by the number of player empires, and this can help figure out the angles between HW.

In my 64 player (custom) “Three neighbors maps”, HW locations are specifically placed, and form many equilateral triangles, and there is a lot of symmetry. Jay has change the HW distance to 9.92 LY = 12.4 LY * 4/5 .

In a custom map, the player who designed the galaxy map often has some kind of geometric theme in mind for HW, but otherwise anything goes.

If you are able to see a second HW from your own HW, then this can form a Vector with distance and angle, and be used as a Baseline for Triangulation calculations.

Hit shortcut key “V” to use the Chain Ruler. The Chain Ruler measures LY distances to one decimal place accuracy. I improve that by measuring distance between two stars 10 times to multiply that distance, which will reveal one more digit of accuracy. Read this tip.

Once I acquire the distances between three stars, I can use the Law of Cosines to calculate angles between them.

Once I know the distance & angle towards one star, I can use use Sine and Cosine functions to calculate X and Y coordinates for that star.

Often in inverse trigonometric functions, calculators will return Radians.

Finding Home Stars is easy. Is a JS that returns in game coordinates of home. What I’m looking about is to make a “solver” support strategy for my (just mine) stars.

For this I will need the following:

  1. Distances from star to star.
  2. Cost and current resources on a star. For this I have found a script that make a CSV.
  3. I know how to calculate the cost on new improvements.
  4. I know how many ships a star produce.

Knowing all of this I can make a support strategy that will help in choosing the right stars for development.

And I miss number 1 :). And actually from my strategy I only need the distance from star to star, so if I put a lot of a work in a table (measuring the distance between each of them) I could possibly resolve my problem.

But you realize that measuring each other star will be a pain in the ass :).


Isn’t making all these decisions yourself the actual game? :upside_down:

No :slight_smile: . I make the repetitive and tedious tasks to be resolve by computer. This way I reduce the micromanagement and improve tactical strategy. But surely use my opinion, feeling and diplomacy before doing the actual activity.

This is why the computers were invented :wink: