Stars dying, new ones born, and natural resource goes up

I would like to see some type of feature where 1 star randomly dies and a new one is born every cycle. This will be completely random and it can only happen after at least 7 cycles. This will give players a solid base so they don’t lose everything too fast. In addition to stars randomly dying and being born, 1 star would get an extra point in their natural resources. The home stars should be the only stars that cannot die or have their resources changed. This will need to be completely random with maybe a warning 1 cycle before to every player that a certain star would disappear soon. The owner of the star that had a natural resource increase will be notified when it happens. Any ships leaving a star before it dies will be safe but any ships arriving at the star after the star dies is caught in a fiery blast and is destroyed. Also all ships with waypoints headed to the star will stop at the previous star so it doesn’t die. It will make things interesting because a weak star can get stronger and a well developed star can disappear and cause a player to lose a lot of their work.

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I think this is a cool idea.

I would love to do the work to support this idea, because I think it would also be cool to include a weapon that does this to stars.

I think it would be really interesting to have a bomb that is very expensive to build, but actually destroys a star taking it out of the map entirely.

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I had previous played a very enjoyable game named Shattered Plans, on the FunOrb gaming site, developed by Jagex. Great fun times !!

They developed many games using Oracle Java, which runs in the browser, but has fallen out of maintenance. A few years ago, there were security problems with Java, and Jagex has moved on in new directions of game development. I do not know how to get my Java to work with this game anymore. :frowning:
I can not seem to get past the expired security certificate.

This game had a Project called the Stellar Bomb, that does something similar to what you are talking about.
You would collect resources to build the project. Once completed, you then launched it against your enemy.

I liked the original random star map layout the best. The game was later revised into a hex map.

Every star was connected by Warp Gates to neighboring stars.

I played against these two very highly skilled human players Quartic and Midwig a small number of times.

I did not know this game had a Wiki ?

 ahh !  happy memories !