Start game, can't expand, want to quit

I don’t know if this is irritating because the game admin started everyone with level 1 scanning or if this is another instance of the game starting me off with nowhere to expand to. But it is irritating.

I’m just as annoyed with early quitters as anyone else, but I’ll have to admit, I can totally sympathize with someone who sees what I’m seeing and quits due to effectively starting off 2+ days behind everyone else. At this point, I can only be competitive if everyone else attacks each other and lets me grow in peace.

I should probably be annoyed with the game admin. Dark games don’t usually start you with level 1 scanning, right? There are probably other stars just outside of my scanning range.
Baah! I just had to vent.

I would post a picture but apparently I’m a “new user” and therefore can’t post images. What gives?

I feel your frustration! I think jay is trying to sort out the picture thing, this morning he had to make someone a moderator so they could post one, clearly it isn’t practical to make everyone a moderator. Could be because the forum software is still beta, we will have to wait and see.

Thanks @Peter. I love the avatar. Nice and humble. :wink:

Oh Dear… you are the second person to say that!

Actually I used it on my ISP forum with the log in name God! they all loved it and it was the the but of many jokes… my signature was 'moving in mysterious ways".

But as I already said elsewhere, I chose it for here because I am a how shall we say a ‘mature gentleman’ so it is the visual that is relevant rather than the subject matter!

Hahah, well judging by your G+ profile picture, I could imagine someone describing you as a “godly fellow”.

I also had this same issue happen to me. I got I think 21 stars on the edge of the map and in order for me to expand more, I have to get scanning up. I might also have to attack someone just so I can get out of this area. Someone else wants me to team up and attack another player and I can’t do anything until I get out of my small corner. I hope this is fixed fast. I would be able to do a lot more if I can move.

I sympathize with that, but in my case, just to stress my point of how bad it can get, I couldn’t expand past 6 stars until I finally finished researching scanning today.

Hmmm I found out that in order to expand, you need to get hyperspace range up. I was going for scanning. That explained a whole lot. I got a player that is willing to keep trading techs too so I don’t have to research as much. Soon we should be able to attack a certain player now that I can move.

Another option would be to increase the traveling distance for hyperspace 1. This will help prevent the issue from happening as much at least until a better fix comes along. I think hyperspace tech could also increase the speed of travel while the traveling distance can be equal to the levels of scanning and hyperspace tech combined.

The first dark game I played was like this, I had to research a level of scanning before I could move past my starting 6 stars. Because it was my first dark game I wondered if I was doing something Wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I don’t play a dark game if it doesn’t start with extra scanning levels.

Yup. I’ve learned my lesson. The game this happened in was user created. I didn’t think to check the starting tech levels.

My first dark game was also like this but I plugged away, shared research, built ships and when I escaped easily conquered nearest neighbour who had problems on other borders. From there it was fairly easy to win the game. Because I was low down on the leaderboard for so long everyone was happy to trade.