Starting star count bug

I joined a custom game and just noticed that there appears to be a bug in galaxy creation code or something. Game just started but it’s still at tick 0.

Game is set up with:

  • starting stars: 10
  • starting ships per star: 100
  • home star distance: close

It looks like star density is too low in some places and some players only have 8 or 9 stars (also, only 800/900 ships). They seem to be at a disadvantage through no fault of their own.

I’m not one of the unlucky ones but I just wanted to let @JayKyburz know of this (if it is not known yet).

It’s known - this is why if you read the help page on custom map generation it tells you to space out the starting stars by at least 10 light years As I understand it, if stars are placed too close to each other it skips a star. This includes the starting stars.

Thanks @Kaine for explanation. I’m not the one who set up the game, I just noticed this irregularity. It felt weird because this is the first time I’m seeing this in all the years I’ve been playing.
Maybe it’s worth mentioning that this is a custom game but using standard hexgrid pattern, not custom home star config.

Might be there is any other bug report describing the same problem (sorry to duplicate it if it’s been reported before) - I tried to find any similar bug report on the forums but being on mobile it might be I missed something.

I have noticed this issue as well (I thought I posted about it, but can’t find it right now).

The issue seems to happen not just with custom maps, but using certain combinations of standard map generation. Seems like the map “sliders” should be able to produce working maps always. Maybe a slight tweak at the close configuration could help. (i.e. don’t allow both near star with 10 stars per player).