Stats for all things


Something that I would like to see in Blight is to have lots of stats on pretty much everything, so that I can see how well I did (and measure against the other players). This could help player’s improve, but mostly I’d like to see it for fun.

After completing a game, it’s fun to look at how well I did against my friends. Who had the most kills, and whatnot? Right now, the stats done’t tell us much. I’d like to see something which shows details on how many bodies were burnt; how many units were lost; how much military might was gained over the course of the game; etc.

Right now, the only particularly useful stat that we have is how many total zombies someone killed. That doesn’t accurately reflect contribution. One player might have generated and donated a lot of gold to another, or burnt a lot of bodies, etc. Kill count alone doesn’t reflect those kinds of contributions. Upon completion of a game, those kinds of stats can also be used to show a summary screen to celebrate the players who achieved well in various areas (with titles like “generous donor”, and “pyre builder”, etc.). That could also help encourage players to specialize in certain ways, such as having one player with a lot of orcs to donate valor to a player with a lot of dwarves, who then donates back some gold allowing the orc player to pump out lots of troops. Showing detailed stats could show how each player contributed to the overall goal in the end.


This would also be nice for those cases where a player might defeat a stack of more powerful units, like giants or dragons or whatever. The number of “zombies destroyed” doesn’t really reflect their contribution.


Sorry I didn’t reply a few days ago to your first post but I do indeed have plans to track lots and lots of stats. For the player, but also I’d like to do it for each card in your deck so it can be fun to see particular heroes emerge.

I’m not really sure how to go about it, but I think it would be cool to have cards level and grow as characters.

Alex, the main artist on the project has done lots of little badges that we plan to use for these kinds of achievements. Here is the Hydra and Ent badge


I second this. I just finished a game where I used a priest a lot in the backfield to reduce the zombie recruits. I had smaller forces in place for the large battles (mostly because my dwarves couldn’t make it to the battles in time), so my kill count was rather low, but if my priest’s burn count was added to it, then I would have had the highest kill score. I was playing with a group of people I already knew, and they were supportive of the strategy I took, so they weren’t harassing me about it, but it would have been nice to see it reflected.