Stats: Production Cycles Lead (PCL)


Among the victory, rank and renown stats, it would be nice feature to add a column for total production cycle leadership (PCL) in the given year.

This should reflect:

  1. cumulative games for a year.
  2. Leaving off Leaderboard events until after the 2nd production cycle starts.
  3. counting a player topping the leaderboard of a game for a full production cycle (however long the cycle is for the game) as scoring a gain of 1 in that statistical column.

This statistic could parallel NASCAR’s Laps lead statistic for their drivers every season.

Ideally, our stats should start at 0 on Jan 1, 2016, and roll up as we play past the 2nd production cycle of any game with leadership in the star count area.

Players with high victory scores should naturally expect to get 5-12 (PCL) per victory.

Competitive games with many lead changes may get a few PCL spread around a few players before the final victor is determined. Maybe not if a player gets ganged upon, losing a few stars short of the lead just 1 tick before scoring the PCL for that full production cycle.

Allied players may decide to backstab a particular game leader if they show 4 or more PCL in the current game.

Any comments or concerns ?


One set of PCL is for the immediate game at hand.

Another set of PCL is cumulative per player for the year. And this should be lumped in with the Victory, Rank and Renown stats.