Stellaris should be out today

I’m looking forward to it.

Hehe… I didn’t know about this game and it caught my attention todayas well. I’m going to have to add it to my wishlist. I’m down a halfway decent graphics card at the moment; hoping the GTX 1060 comes out before too long.

I am VERY excited for this game. I was able to barely open it and look at the empire creation screen before work… and I was very impressed.

Jay is there any chance that these options could inspire any empire customization updates in NP2? Clearly not all of them… but something?

We’ll yes of course. Thats why I’m excited to play it as well.

If it has any of the emergent character and story stuff of Crusader Kings it will be great. Its that kind of stuff I want to bring to the AI in Neptune’s Pride.

I haven’t opened it yet because I know if I do I will lose a whole day of work and I want to implement the new Jester King today.

Perhaps is a week or two we can start an MP game. Do they have some kind of turn based MP you can play without all having to be logged on at once?

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Maybe, I think?
The dev diary mentioned multiplayer campaigns lasting several weeks by hosting them from saves, and players can hot-join into AI empires and even let the AI handle your empire for a while. All of that implies some sort of long-term multiplayer mode.
On the other hand, I’ve never seen it actually spelled out, and considering how long the average paradox game lasts they might just be talking about regular games.

Link to the dev diary

EDIT: Also, currently looking at the multiplayer part of the game, and I can’t find any options related to the game speed. So I’m not holding my hopes up unfortunately…

CK2’s emergant gameplay really came into its own about a year and a half into the game’s release. Once paradox started adding content, things really took off.

Love that game.

I wish I had more time for playing other people’s games.

I wish I had more time to play any games. :slight_smile:

Paradox’s games do seem to suffer from the Civ 5 problem, where the base game is decent but it won’t get great untill after several expansions.

I’m liking Stellaris’s framework so far, but I’ve already hit a lot of repeating events, the leaders aren’t as flawed/quirky/aggravating as CK2, and there are some events I think it should acknowledge but it doesn’t. (For instance, it treats a vassal from helping a race achieve FTL travel the same as a vassal from conquering an empire, complete with unhappiness for “being conquered” if you integrate them.) I also think its diplomacy needs a lot of work; there’s so many things I want to do (like demanding policy changes from vassals or helping an ally set up a colony) that I simply can’t with the current framework.

On the plus side, it is the most sci-fi 4X game I’ve ever played. This genuinely feels like a space game, rather than Civ in a different setting. The Fallen Empires, the mysterious remnants of past civilizations, the risky technologies… as one reviewer put it, “It tries to tell every sci-fi plot ever made and does a decent job at it.”

On my first sit down with Stellaris I couldn’t get into it. I’m going to try again perhaps tonight or tomorrow.

I played the new MOO for about 3 hours last night and had a little fun. I found it a lot easier to get into.

I still think the start of turn / end of turn move ships thing is weird. I havn’t read any reviews of it so I don’t know if anybody else thinks it’s weird too.

What would you guys think If I were to list all combat and spell events that occurred in the last time jump on the screen without having to go into a window to find them. (Like in thsi screenshot showing reseach complete.)

In a realtime MP I could probably look up anything that happened since last you refreshed your data.

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