Stop showing real time traded tech advances in turn based games


I don’t think it’s good to enable players to see each other’s traded tech advances as soon as it happens. It should be known only in the next turn. It makes much more easy to know who is trading tech with who, and also allows one to anticipate better what will happen when the turn is processed, specially if one is patient and waits everyone else to submit their actions.

Maybe a tech should be received only in the next tick after it was sent. This should solve the problem.


Tech should be transfered instantly, but this is definately one of the things that should be visible for others only after the next turn has been processed. It is sometimes beneficial to wait until the last minute to do the tech transfer so your opponent cant react on it. And the other way around it will now and then help to wait until the deadline to see if opponent has got the additional tech. Thus delaying the game…