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This thread is to collect strategy guides from anyone who would like to contribute. I will pin it so that new visitors to the forum can read it first, along with the FAQ. These guides could be for your favourite race or a particular map, or just in general. Please feel free to copy/paste here from another post if you’ve written one somewhere else. Thanks!

A Beginner’s Guide, with general strategy tips for starting out.

@Praetorian’s guide to the Trolls

@thatfrood’s guide to the Humans

@SpySat1’s (Tangle Rainbowfilter) hero study of the Orcs

@DrBwaa’s guide to the Orcs

@Praetorian’s guide to the Elves

Official documentation
Blight's Newbie FAQ
Maps for 3 Players
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I need to update my quick Troll guide. The change to cost for the Tangle Mage reduced it’s utility as a hero you can send out to capture settlements without worrying about being out of position to use his ability.

I also need to add a few points in the Marsh Prince that, as a hero, makes him more valuable.


Praetorian put up a new guide to the Elves:

The Orc Hero Study should probably go in here as well! (Although that one’s somewhat out of date)

And my Orc Guide is done!


Wow no Dwarf or Goblin guides? Thats outrageous.


These guides haven’t been updated for a loooong time (:P)
Maybe you can make one yourself?