Strategy question: Always defend a star?


Should you always defend a star, even if you know you will lose it and all the ships on it? Or is it better to save your ships? I realize as the defender I get a +1 weapon bonus, and they will lose ships also, so that’s why I think it’s best to defend and make them suffer losses also.

Here is another scenario. What if I can send all the ships to one of the attackers stars and try to capture it? I still think defending is better, because I’ll lose ships attacking and he will lose none on my star.

I think I have answered my own questions as I typed this out, but still curious what veterans of the game think. I’m still in my first game so I have some learning to do.


In the “Options”, I prefer to set my default carrier action = garrison 1, just in case I make some stupid mistake or I did not see an attack coming, because that 1 ship garrison will perform defender’s first strike advantage.

If you attack his star, then he has Weapons +1 advantage against you, so you must make sure it is worth it to trade stars that way, or maybe you are just trying to escape somewhere and hoping to gain some temporary deep space long range scans, MUHA HA HA !!


Why is the 1 ship garrison defender first strike an advantage?


It destroys weapons+1 ships and you only lose the 1


With that option, it should leave 1 ship on the star, and the rest on the carrier, correct? I just tested this and it did not leave any ships on the start.


Yeah, “garrison” says that whether you have to drop ships or pick ships up, when you’re done the star should have that number of ships on it.

If you have to drop ships to meet that number, you do need enough ships on the carrier. A carrier with 1 ship on it can’t drop anything because carriers can’t have 0 ships (doesn’t make sense when you think about it, maybe when you build a carrier the 1 ship it requires “becomes” the carrier)


Hmm well I had 43 ships and when it arrived it left 0 on the star. Now the Carrier didn’t have another Waypoint, so maybe it’s only when the Carrier leaves it will Garrison a ship? So what is the difference between “Garrison” 1 star and “Drop” 1 star?


“Drop X” drops X ships from your carrier to the star, regardless of how many ships are already there. The star will have X more ships than when the carrier arrived.

“Garrison X” collects or drops ships necessary in order to leave exactly X ships at the star. (So it can be seen as effectively a “Collect All” followed by a “Drop X”.)

If a star has 3 ships and you Drop 1, it will end up with 4 ships.
If a star has 3 ships and you Garrison 1 it will end up with 1 ship.


Oh, that makes perfect sense. Thank you.


A carrier may be given waypoints or it may also jump on its own star multiple times as a waypoint. These waypoints have “future” ETA’s. When the carrier arrives at a destination waypoint, it will carry out its associated Action orders.

If you forget to give it Action orders, then it will initially have the Action orders from what you have set in the Options for carrier Default Action.

You can override the carrier Default Action by changing the Action orders individually for each carrier, either drop 15, or collect 22, or garrison 9, or whatever.

These are all “future” actions.

However in the “present” (not future) while waiting for the server to process the next turn, you can send diplomatic message, buy infrastructure, trade cash or tech, etc. . . , and also “Transfer ship” for those carriers that are currently in orbit at a star.

Transferring ships is done in the present, not as a future Action order.
There is a different mouse click hot spot for this.


Thanks guys.