Playing my first game of Subterfuge with a friend. first off love how one of the bases
is named Kyburz. Seem Jay left an impression when he played the other devs.

first love the wrap around world. is that even possible with this game Jay?

another feature I like is the notification of when someone is online, and was last online. once again is that possible here Jay?

That is called a toroid map .

The Reach for the Stars game also used a toriod hex map.

The wrap around maps would be a fairly huge rework and I’m not sure it would be worth the work. In that game I played with the video diaries I had the one player on both sides of me. It’s nice for a change, but I kind of like edges.

What I do want is to have some kind of gates that link different parts of the galaxy. Allowing you to teleport from one side of the map to the other.

I can do the “last online” thing, but actually I didn’t really like it because sometimes I like to hold off on replying to somebody (or a trade) until I’m ready. I dont really want the game revealing that I’m deliberately not responding.

good point… might be a nice option for player made games though.


This animate *.GIF explains the torus better.

Toroid maps would be really great for NP IMO because I’ve always felt a disparity between the edge players and the central players, especially in large games. It could bring the square 64p map back.

That said, teleportation seems just as good; I don’t know which is better.

I do not know if this is a good idea, just thinking out loud.

On my three neighbors map 64L, you could put three pairs of teleport gates. One gate could be inside the empty area of a loop, connected to the other gate outside the opposite side of the galaxy ?

On my three neighbors map 64D or 64E, you could put two pairs of teleport gates. One gate could be inside the empty area of one loop, connected to the other gate inside the empty area of the opposite loop of the galaxy ?

An empire would need to research higher hyperspace tech to be able to reach the teleport gate, because they are positioned far away from stars.