Suggested (little) improvement to ruler feature {for better usability }


I love that the new ruler feature is capable of planing multiple jumps at once.

But if you just want to measure a lot connections between different stars you have to press the reset button a lot.

@JayKyburz : Can you make the spacebar a shortcut for the reset button?
If i want to measure the distance to all neighbours of a given star that would be handy.
I first press ‘r’ for the ruler and and press space (’ ') after selecting a pair of stars.

This way no one has to search for the rest button and then search for the stars you want to measure again

There is an Hack to realise this behaviour.

Create a bookmark as described by @Qwerty :
(Take your time to read trough that little wall of text ; P )

use this script if you want to use the spacebar:


Other supported keys can be found here:


As a workaround i solve that issue with a double-tap on ‘v’.
First ‘v’ closes the ruler, second ‘v’ starts a fresh one.


Thats smart!


Hey, a quick fix for this could be mapping a double ruller action to a single button :stuck_out_tongue:

Pressing X will do it for you. Change the X for whatever you prefer :slight_smile:

[size=11]Copy-paste it into adressbar and remove the leading + sign.[/size]


See here how to create a Bookmarklet if you don’t want to input it manually every time.


@Qwerty the idea to improve the game with javascript + making a bookmark for it is awesome!!

If anyone wants to use the spacebar like me replace the “x”,“X” with “space”.


Other supported keys are found here: