[Suggestion/Bug] The Twins


Hoping for some clarification on The Twins’ behavior (and a related suggestion).

First, The Twins’ ability:

Defensive Manoeuvers
When fortified, the Twins launch a surprise attack at the start of combat, performing a Strength X * 50 Ranged Attack, where X is the Fortifications Strength.

Now, this obviously has the potential to be really awesome in a well-fortified town. However, I’ve never been able to figure out exactly when it occurs and some of the details as to its effect on the coming battle. Here’s what I do know:

  • An entry is made in the Event Log as soon as the Twins begin preparing for combat. However, their attack does not occur at this time. (see the Event Log at 3d 3h 4m in this game: the event exists, but the 600 Str Troll army took no casualties.)
  • No mention of the Twins’ effect is represented in the subsequent Combat Log, and the zombie strength will show as whatever it was without any Twins attack.
  • Deploying the Twins into an ongoing battle preparation causes their ability to fire immediately (at least in SP; I haven’t tested in MP).
  • I have never clicked on the Event Log entry and seen the kills/Valour reported, unless the Twins were deployed mid-battle as above.

These facts lead me to one of two conclusions:

  1. The Twins don’t actually work in MP for some reason.
  2. The Twins’ ability doesn’t fire soon enough to affect casualty rates. This would mean that their only utility is turning the tide of battle from total loss to a 100% casualty-rate victory. Which would be disappointing.

However this gets resolved, I would certainly recommend improving the Event Log reporting. Right now it’s just very hard to say whether the Twins did anything at all in a MP battle, and that’s frustrating for such a cool unit. If they got super unlucky and didn’t kill anything, we should at least see the normal 0 kills (0) message.

Twins bug

Hey @DrBwaa, Penny and I are out of the office right now, but I’ll make a note in Trello to have a look at this when we are back next week. There might well be a bug.

Somebody raised a question about them a few weeks ago, and I did look in a quick test game to see that they were working, but i’ll have a more detailed look soon.


Thanks Jay; I appreciate it.