Suggestion: Drawing Cards From Your Deck

Suggestion: Spend 2 valour to draw three cards and place them into your hand.

Thoughts: Does anyone ever expend the valour to draw cards? I find it almost always better to use hero coins to buy new cards – and then I get a selection. Valour is too precious a resources to spend to draw a single card.

By allowing the 2 valour expenditure to net three cards from the deck – this also adds to the strategy of deck building before the game. As it stands, drawing cards is a slow process and you are rewarded by keeping card types to a bare minimum. Allowing a player to cycle the deck at a quicker pace (and with a cost) makes it so we will be more likely to throw in situation cards (like the Crone – who I want to put 1 or 2 in my deck, but always struggle with that decision since its exceedingly unlikely I will ever see her).

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