[Suggestion] Every 1000 bodies burnt should give 1 Valour


Currently I’m in a match where the zombies took over quite a large number of settlements. I managed to get a Gryphon territory and I’ve been using their special skill of toggling avoiding and engaging enemies to burn hundreds of bodies. I can’t see the total amount of bodies I’ve burnt, but I’m sure it’s close to 2000.

I think it would be nice if each time a player reaches a multiple of 1000 bodies burnt, they could get 1 valour. I feel that getting a small amount of Valour would be a nice reward since it does help considerably in the fight but gives no reward except make the rest of the match easier on everyone.


One of the next new features I would like to add is to collect more stats like how many bodies are burnt and the actual strength of zombies killed.

Even though the game is co-op I think I would like the players competing to be MVP.

I think I would even like to give extra coins for MVP.