Suggestion for clans

Clans are most likely far away but I had some ideas for some features that can make these pretty interesting once they are implemented. I was thinking of something along the lines of a “Clan Hunt Notice Board” kind of thing where “requests” are posted every now and then to do interesting things on maps, etc.

So say every 2 weeks, every clan gets a request that they have 30 days to fulfill the conditions of it. The requests could be like “The company of heroes is trying to evacuate as many civilians it can from the Eastern Front. Complete X map on Y difficulty with 75% or higher population remaining.” or “Complete X map with only Y amount of settlements lost to the zombies.” or “Complete X map without losing a single mana pool.”.

Some interesting ones could also be posted, like lore wise, say a shady Orc trading company posts a request of “Since the Goblins have started to become a rival to our company, complete X map while making sure the Blight destroys all Goblin settlements.” or the reverse where “Complete X map while making sure 0 Dwarf settlements are lost.”.

These could lead to some interesting methods of clearing maps as people are also aiming to do these side objectives as well. Rewards could be quite good if the requests are really hard ones. Like say an above average challenge that requires good co-ordination could give 6 extra Hero Coins for non Premium, 12 for Premium.

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