Suggestion for multiplayer earnings

So single player you can play a game in roughly an hour and earn a coin. I finally got around to playing a multiplayer game and right off the bat I realized that this could take me a week or two to play through (with full players) as moving from one side of the board to the other is almost a two day affair. For a mere pittance of the rewards single player can net me (1 an hour vs 4 a week?), That aside do you get any coins on a loss or do you have to win in a multiplayer game? Rewarding a single player extra coins as well when the number of coins being handed out is so low just feels like further salt in the wound considering I’ve joined a game that was already a day or two old and everybody else had a head start.

Well, you get more coins for the multiplayer (2-9 depending on players and the boosts).
Also, unlike single-player, you don’t need to play it all in one hour-long session, but only check in 1-2 times a day for 5-10 minutes. And larger (i.e. longer) and more complex maps mean more players, ergo more coins.

Don’t know about the gains when losing, though you will probably win most games below hard from my experience.

Don’t worry too much if a match is 2 days old. As long as you win you will get the same coins as everyone else except you most likely won’t get the bonus coins for zombie kills/bodies burnt. Just think of these as extra coins since they are just 1 coin each non premium.

I believe that it’s 0 coins on defeat, I haven’t lost a game in so long so I haven’t checked but I’m pretty sure it’s this way. And like shde2e said, for multiplayer you just want to check the game every now and then. The best way I found that doesn’t impact real life too much is check morning, lunch and night. 3 times a day does lead to some gaps in checking what’s going on, but you should be able to react to 90% of what’s going on.