Suggestion on creating loops with carriers

When I try to create loops with carriers, it gets very confusing on the screen. One idea could be to have the loop path a different color than the rest of the paths on the screen when you are editing the waypoints. When ship paths intersect that have loops, the map gets very cluttered and you can’t see clearly where the ships are heading.

Also It is impossible to create loops with ships unless the ship is already at the star. If it is in between routes, you cannot make a circular route. It would make things a lot easier if you can loop back to the ship instead of another star and make a circular loop with the carrier.

If you are using a modern browser, Paths that loop will be drawn with a dotted line.

If the first star in your path is in range of the last star on your path, you should be able to use the loop button on the feet detail screen to create the loop.

I just realized firefox had an update. I’ll update it and see what it looks like.

Now I see the dashed lines, that was the problem.

I only added the dotted lines 2 days ago!

Ya I see it. It has a nice design now. I might start making pictures with my ships. I’m in a graphic design class and it looks like a bunch of vector art. If I can get these loops to work right then I should have over 1,000 ships on 1 star and close to 400 ships defending my other side. I am ahead of everyone else in economy and industry, got someone stuck with only 4 stars in the corner and close to 500 ships with me surrounding him. I can start spreading out to attack when all my ships arrive.

The next part is figuring out how to make my own loops. I think I’m starting to figure it out. Since everything isn’t a solid line I can see what I’m doing now.