Suggestions for Buccaneers


I’ve been playing this game non-stop since I found out about it. I love the additions of the new Buccaneers. It’s got me thinking though. It would be really nice to have a way to manage the Buccaneers in your control.

What if you could “disembark” any buccaneers of your choosing, while a ship is either floating over the settlement with a ballooner, or on the hex with the dock? This could be combined with an order to have the buccaneers board another ship similarly situated (floating above, or at the dock). In this way, you don’t end up with 12 buccaneers on 1 ship with a Slaver (one of my favorite buccaneers), and you can strategize moving buccaneers around to suit your needs. Caveats would have to include not being able to disembark a ballooner while a ship is floating above land and buccaneers cannot move while a ship is grappled.

Another suggestion for buccaneers is to come up with “settlement-specific” buccaneers. Buccaneers that can be hired only from settlements, can be moved from one settlement to another through the previous mechanism, but only provide benefits while in a settlement:

  • Harvester - This buccaneer provides a +1 boost to land resource gathering.
  • Spotter - provide a +2 sight line to settlements
  • Cannoneer - provide a +2 attack bonus to settlements
  • Defender - provide a +2 armor bonus to settlements
  • Medic - decrease health costs by 2
  • Engineer - decrease settlement build costs (i.e. building from settlement to town, town to city, etc)


Cool ideas @penguiniffic,

I think if the game has some success we’ll definitely consider these things for an expansion!


Awesome ideas! You have my vote.