In massive armies finding individual heroes/units is difficult so I think an option to make them alphabetical order or just have them be that by default. You may have to move the number of units after the unit name to make this easier.

Also to make using abilities easier would be when you click on a unit to use the ability have their picture/ ability button pop out on the side instead of having to scroll up to find it.

Last one I can think of right now is the ability to unmerge unit stacks unless you feel this would be unbalanced or is part of the risk vs. reward part of merging.

Obviously add any suggestions you also have for blight here as well


Hey @chrisls I replied on the other thread but I might lock that old one down and continue gere.


Here one for you…

It takes 6 hours to train 25 soliders… 14.4mins per solider… (Lets round 15mins for ease of understanding)

If there are only 2 guys left to train, let me train them in 30 mins… Not 6 hours :frowning:


You can’t get 9 mothers to make a baby in 1 month you know. :smile:


I think he’s saying if you only want 1/4 of a baby, how long would that take … :o


But, but… We’re not creating lives, we are training the existing civilians in the town.

If your master at arms(trainer) is dividing his time between a whole group of 25 people. Sure that’ll take 6 hours, but if that same trainer is only training a few people, he doesn’t have to divide his time and can focus on each trainee so they should train faster.

BUT now that you mention it… Why can’t my civilians have babies! And increase my settlement population! :wink:


How much did you increase the population of your house this week?


Well since I govern over a good amount of settlements, and I’m doing a good job protecting them, I could expect some people to relocate to my settlements from far away lands…

I hear those lands far-way aren’t faring well against their immortal hordes…

Maybe a calculation in the backend, something small of course, total population compared against how many troop/civys I’ve lost under my control/command, * valour or something…

Obviously need to be fleshed out :slight_smile: But hey that’s what we pay you for Jay :smiley:


When creating a new game, I’d love a way to ‘view’ the map before creating a game. As I assume ‘creating’ it make database records and starts procedures in the backend… But maybe I didn’t want that map afterall, so I back out and choose a different one.

Does that delete that game? of Does that game sit in limbo, waiting forever for someone to play it that never will…


It should delete the game. Though I’m not sure what state my auto cleaning script is in. I updated it just the other day to be more aggressive about cleaning SP games that are no longer in use. When the database fills up I might need to go in and me more aggressive about MP games.

Its not using any extra processor or anything, just about 200k in the database.

(edit:) in fact the processor time to delete the data out of the database is more expensive than the database storage costs.


One suggestion I can think of is adding hero cards to the background of the buttons of Single Player. Right now it looks a little bland I think.

What I’m thinking is something like this. I did this quickly in Paint so it’s not that great.

For the real deal, the face could maybe go a bit more to the left and the text would need to have a different colour border like Black Border White Text so that the text is easy to read and not blend in to the image.


I did have something like that for a while. (when there were just three) I just didn’t get around to doing it. For the smaller buttons.

I think I wanted to make sure the design didn’t change again.


Two suggestions to make things harder / more interesting:

  1. Make Nightmare level spawn Big Bad Immortals every 36 hours or so. Make us feel that those defiled mana pools are ticking timebombs that need to be accounted for quickly.

  2. Allow us to toggle on/off the Tavern. Force those masochists to only use the cards int heir deck.


Allow to name armies and heroes. It is fun. And don’t take much memory for servers.

Make movement grid little bit brighter or outline those white stripes with black stroke. It isn’t hard to look at them, but it certainly is tiresome to load your eyes so consistently to see them clearly.

UI is ok, though, even if I’m totally fun of minimalism, current ui seriously lacks any fantasy vibe in it. Even blue color scheme is too cold for it. Dark fantasy could use some brown, dark orange or neutral grey.

Speaking of UI - you have event handlers on buttons. So, if they are clicked, it is 100% sure clicked. Yet, if clicked-hold button and moved cursor away, click still counts. For me, it isn’t problem. But I know people,who actually does such things to “think” one last time before making decision, and if changed their mind - moved cursor and canceled click. UIX is so fun. )

Probably already known, but - chat window must be paginated or scroll able in own window, not on whole browser div. Else it’s really uncomfortable. Also, when chat gets clustered, it is incredibly annoying to do so, when you want to add location in to chat. (That also is a problem, as in smartphone, I can’t click on location to add it to chat… window is on whole screen.)


It would be mice if you could see the rest of the cards in your deck, especially if you are joining a game midway with another players deck


What platform did you see this on. You can drag off a button here on Chrome?


45.0.1 Firefox. It isn’t on all buttons. Some you can drag, but nothing will happen. Some work fine, you can move out cursor and release click and nothing will happen. (Normal Reaction)
Say, I clearly remember, that if in single player click on buttons which scroll how many hours to skip and release it outside, nothing happens. But - as you click it again normally with releasing it onto button, changes are made like previous click was counted.


Thanks for the heads up. I will try and track it down.


So much this. It stinks to spend Valour to add to your hand to discover the previous player likely dropped out because they had a really, really bad deck.


Jay would you ever consider adding a Submit Turn button on multi-player? Back in the day we used to play a turn-based game called STARS! Every week we’d turn in our turns on a 3.5" floppy. The admin would run the turn then save all the results back to the disk and we’d go another turn the next week.

HOWEVER, every other Friday we’d meet up and have a game night. On THOSE nights, we’d play 10 or 15 turns back to back in order to progress the game faster.

Suggestion/Question: Do you think you could add a “submit turn” option to the game where the game admin could then advance the game 6 hours (like in Single Player) so that people could quickly move through a multiplayer game (like we do for Single Player)?