Hey, so I was thinking about the “free train units at cities” cards, ie: Marshal. I was playing just now and I used it on a city I had just given to a partner who was already training units. I assumed it did nothing and forgive me if I’m wrong, but maybe you could have it take time off their (or yours) training time if cast on an already in progress training? It could be worth the mana in situations where you need units quick and could be paired with gnostic or used with kahunas


Thats not crazy, we could do that.


It would be really nice to have the ability to combine units while they’re in a group without having to disband units every time you want to combine.


Thanks. I’ll make sure its on the todo list!


Do any plans exist to add random events? Maybe as an optional choice to turn on when starting a game?

My friends and I were talking about how late-game cleanup can sometimes be a chore/boring (this was before we realized there was a time skip button) and we thought it would also be nice if there was something that could spice up the game a bit more, even at end game when you think things are gonna be a sweep.


My friends and I were having the same conversation. I was thinking that negative global events could increase in frequency depending on how many mana pools are blighted. This would mean few (or no) negative globals at the beginning, but progressively more negative global events in endgame (where the game really needs shaking up to avoid monotony).


I have a bunch of different ideas for how to do it.

  1. A Lich has completed a spell. All zombies gain a strength/speed bonus. (This is an event that would be weighted to happen the longer a game goes on)

  2. A vampire sabatuer was found inside one of your cities, lose 10% population in that city.

  3. Dark artifacts were found in the home of your high priest. Spend 15 Mana to destroy them or sacrifice 10 population.

Stuff like that. I also want positive events too, tho.


Been having alot of ideas the last few days. I’ll start small: You could replace the Master Foreman’s benefit with “Survey: Each time Miners in the Master Foreman’s army excavate a mountain, they increase its fortification bonus by +1.” I’d even have it work on mountains without settlements. You could cap the bonus per mountain at +4.


Agreed. The foreman card needs a bit of an upgrade as do the miners.
I also would like to suggest miners being able to go through mountains with no penalty to their speed like the mountain king. They are miners after all.
And the mountain king can have a similar buff like the stout general.


Didn’t want to clutter this thread, but: Suggested faction outline: Centaurs

I’ve had two faction ideas, this is the first.


There is another one coming!


Please be Vampires, please be Vampires, please be vampires…


Faeries. Tricksters and primal nature spirits.

A core mechanic would be that most of them have a “Pureheart” trait, which means that in blighted hexes they move at half speed and fight at half strength. Tradeoff for potent abilities like short-range teleports and limited restoration capabilities.

Vampires are an interesting thought, though. They’d certainly oppose the blight, since if it succeeds they’ll starve…


I posted my ideas for Vampires in the Blight: Lore and Fiction segment (Where me and others write stories for the rich world of Blight and Buccaneers, Bounty and Boom) so i’ll just copy paste it here and give my two cents.
That being said I recall the old Fae units from the previous form of Blight so to get them back would be nice and nostalgic.

Synopsis: The Transylvan are the descendants of a Alundrian kingdom that was exiled shortly after the First Blight for using necromantic magicks to protect their own kingdom at the cost of countless lives. After the First Blight they were send in a large fleet towards one of the many islands around Alundria but got lost at sea because of a mystical storm and ended up stranded on the coasts of the eastern continent of Arabiana. Arabiana is a vast continent with it’s own many creatures such as the manticore and the land where the powerful Genie’s can be found.
The people who would found Transylvan managed to make a few settlements but were beset on all sides by foreign creatures and nations such as the Van Xian Empire and the Arabiana’ Sultanas. Desperate to survive the settlers scattered to the dark lands to the east where their enemies could not follow. It was a land where the sun never quite penetrates the clouds, the trees are pitch black and the sense of dread hangs around constantly. The locals dubbed this land Transylvan.
When one Van Xian warlord was brave enough he marched his army of terracotta soldiers to the land to wipe out the invaders. Many moons passed before he returned…as the leader of a army made of the undead along with his vampiric masters.
The scared settlers from before have been changed from when they were last seen. Corrupted, frightening and fearless.
Among their number are the undead, werewolves, fearless men and of course the Vampires. A host of death, more sophisticated than a Blighted Horde.
Now Transylvan is the third major power in Arabiana and has fought both the Sultanas and the Van Xian to a stalemate. In this ceasefire of sorts the Transylvan’s have turned their eye back to their homeland of Alundria which has been weakened severely by the Blight…

Black Sun Hero Cards.

Transylvan Warriors.
Art: Similar to that of the Human Warrior but clad in darker armour and slightly paler skin.
Fluff: Do not underestimate a man who has no fear of death, for who has nothing left to lose.
Powers: None.
Rating; Common. (Can be trained at Transylvan settlements).
Unit: 500. (50 x 10)
Speed: 4 hours by road.

Undead warriors.
Art; A undead version of the Transylvan Warrior, more skeletal now.
Fluff; Death is not a ending but a beginning.
Powers; After a Transylvan warrior dies there is a 75 percent change he is converted to a Undead warrior.
Rating; Common.
Unit: NA.
Speed; 4 hours by road.

Transylvan Riders.
Art; A light rider on a brown horse, much like the Knight.
Fluff; Much like Alundrian Knights, Transylvan riders have not forgotten how to ride a horse.
Powers; None.
Rating; Common.
Unit; 400 (20 x 20)
Speed; 3 hours by road.

Vampire Commander
Art; A pale, red skinned eye vampire in armour, leaning on a blood covered sword.
Fluff; "I thirst for blood. You there oaf, fetch me that one! He looks very ripe…"
Powers: Undead Overseer. Gives all Transylvan units in the Vampire Commander’s army a +5 Strength.
Rating; Common.
Unit; 1 x 200.
Speed; 3 hours by road.

Art: Stereotypical witch with the broom and cat, except more beautiful and mysterious looking.
Fluff; "The night sings to me, listen to the music it makes…"
Powers: Black magic. Ranged attack within a 2 league area suffer a Strength attack of 8 where X is the population of Witches
Rating Common.
Unit: 100 x 1.
Speed; 3 hours by road.

Corpse Wagon.
Art: A shady looking man on a black carriage, a banner of a Black sun behind him as several caskets are behind that.
Fluff: A steady supply of fresh corpses is needed to supply the war effort. As such Corpse Wagons are the mainstay of a Transylvan army.
Power: You may deploy Transylvan cards on the Corpse Wagon. The population will be drawn from the nearest settlement.
Rating: Common.
Unit: 150, 1 x 150.
Speed: 4 hours by road.

Art; a more Eastern European looking version of our Necromancer. Or re-use Necromancer art but have him more human looking.
Fluff; Among the settlers to Arabiana were several Necromancers who fled Alundria after the First Blight. Where in Alundria they are hated, in Transylvan they were the people’s only chance of survival.
Power; Necromancy. Can summon half a graveyard worth of undead as Undead Warriors or one unit from a Corpse Wagon every 16 hours.
Rating: Common.
Unit: 1 x 50.
Speed; 4 hours by road.

Art; That of a pack of werewolves charging/ripping a Blighted immortal apart.
Fluff; Among the darker magicks that saved the Alundrian settlers was that of the curse of the wolf. Every nightfall these cursed transform into their bestial form and only by the grace of the vampire lords do they keep their sentience.
Power; None.
Unit: 700. (10 x 70 )
Rating; Uncommon.
Speed; 3 hours by road.

Black Knights.
Art; That of a knight, completely covered in black riding a black steed. The shield has a black sun as it’s crest.
Fluff: Some of Transylvans nobility send their sons and daughters to become Black Knights, vassals of the Vampire counts. Whenever they charged into battle, morale drops to all. Even the undead.
Power; Eyes of evil, All Immortals in 1 league area lose -5 Strength for 8 hours.
Unit: 650. 50 x 13.
Rating; Uncommon.
Speed: 4 hours by road.

Manticore riders.
Art: A eastern looking woman riding a manticore, a needle shooting from it’s tail as she rides to the reader.
Fluff; Generations of being in Arabiana has given the Transylvans a chance to domesticate the local wildlife. Thanks to the vampire charms these once very hostile predators now serve as proud mounts.
Power: Manticore pikes, Strength X to 10 attack where X is the population of Manticore riders.
Unit: 480, 20 x 24.
Rating; Uncommon.
Speed; 3 hours by road.

Art; Frankenstein’s monster looking creature, the stitched body parts stuck together thing not the Boris Karlof version.
Fluff: "Kill. Destroy. Eat"
Power; Enrage. Gain 2 x strength for 24 hours.
Unit: 640, 40 x 16.
Rating; Uncommon.
Speed: 6 hours by road.

Vampire Count.
Art; A well dressed lord looking man with pale skin, blood red eyes drinking from a cup.
Fluff; The Vampire counts are akin to kings in Alundria. They run Transylvan settlements demand taxes and sacrifices when needed. The more benevolent counts tend to drink the blood from their enemies rather than their own.
Power: The thirst of blood, select one unit (mortal or Immortal). This unit suffers a ranged attack equal to the Count’ strength. When a unit is consumed, the Count gains +5 strength.
Rating; Uncommon.
Speed; 3 hours.

Vampiric Bat Riders.
Art; Vampires in armour riding on large bats.
Fluff; Only the Vampires can domesticate the giant bats on both Alundria and Arabiana. These creature’ thirst for blood is just as large as that of their masters.
Power; None. (Can only be deployed at Bat nests)
Unit: 5 X 2500.
Rating; Rare.
Speed: 2.5 hours flying.

Giant Bat
Art; Like it says on the tin.
Fluff; The last thing it’s victims often hear is the loud screech that freezes the blood and freezes the mind.
Power; None.
Unit; 350 x1.
Raiting; Rare.
Speed; 2.5 hours flying.


Guest of Honor: 12 Mana. Draw a random Royalty card from your deck. You may play a Royalty card at this Hero’s location without paying the normal gold cost. Recharges in 21h.

Is this ability feasible to implement?

Also, are there currently any cards with abilities related to the Warrior type?


I assume so, considering we’ve already got similar abilities for Rogues and Mages.

I don’t believe so, but clearly there’s an idea of adding some down the road.

The rest of this got wayyyy too long, so I put it in a more appropriate thread. Have a look! Short version: three new Hero ideas to make a “horde” strategy a bit more appealing for the Goblins (and thereby perhaps make the Goblins more appealing to new players).


Right now, combat experience is utterly irrelevant to something like 80% of the cards in the game. Also, I miss having veteran wizards who’ve survived all game and can now take down small armies in melee by themselves. How about this:

-Mortal heroes get “Heroic Experience”, giving them +10 strength per battle.
-Gryphons and Spiders get “Monstrous Experience”, +20 per battle.
-Giants, Ents, Hydra and Dragons get “Legendary Experience”, +50 per battle.

-Experience is also gained when the unit activates an ability that costs mana.

This buff would benefit Elf and Goblin factions more than others, but there’s a tradeoff- having to choose between the “merge new base units under the experienced one” tactic and the “fire-merge-fire” tactic, since fully leveraging one can come at the cost of the other. That, and it’s still not like they’ll be competing with other factions for cost-effective melee combat power.


I’d have Woodland Bard, Pirate Captain and any similar cards summon a random (type) from your deck or hand, rather than just your deck.

My personal experience is that I frequently end up with no cards of the right type left in my deck, while still having one or more in my hand. Would prevent the cards from becoming useless quite so early, and allow combos with spider rider.

Alternate solution (I’m using this in one of the Faerie faction cards, forget if the Centaurs had any): Reworked versions of these cards where the ability is “Draw a random [type] card from your deck. You may play a [type] card at this unit’s location without paying its gold cost.”


Separate suggestion: Beyond their ability to expand and blight undefended settlements Undead Goblins are basically never a threat. One simple way to change that could be if they’ll group up with other types of undead? No Undead Lord required.

My first thought was some kind of mechanic for stealing gold out of player’s coffers, but that’d be trickier to make work.


This is my first time using the IHG forum so I’m more than a little behind on reading all of the 230+ suggestions. So tell me if anything I’m about to say has already been suggested.

  1. A game mode where after defeating the zombies, you have to defeat the other players as well. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen someone request a pvp game mode, but I’m guessing that’s been avoided in order to preserve the original purpose of the game: fighting zombies. I feel this is a good balance between the desires of the developer and the desires of the players. It also adds of level of difficulty to the game because you can’t go all out to finish off the undead as once they’re defeated you must have enough of an army to contend with the other empires. All players would get hero coins for defeating the zombies, but the one who defeats the other players gets extra.

  2. I’m not certain if the titles on the cards actually have an effect on the game, but they should. A Mortal Human Warrior like the Swordsmen and the Marshall should go into battle before and Mortal Human Mage
    like the Wizard and Blind Justice. It seems unrealistic and more than a little frustrating when someone who in battle would usually be behind the front lines somehow dies while those who would usually be at the front survive. The order im thinking is Giant/Ent/Spider/Hydra>Warrior>Rogue/Miner>Hunter/Archer>Noble/Merchant>Mage/Shaman>Royalty> Lurker>Griffon/Dragon
    If this is implemented I’d also suggest reclassifying some cards like Artillery, which is currently a Warrior, into something in line with Archer