I would like some form of turn based multiplayer, I’m unsure if fixed 6 hours turns would work, but any turn based option would be nice.


Agreed - doesn’t have to be 6 hours. Was using that as an example since it’s in the single player. Glad to know I’m not the only one!


As the creator of a new map/game, can we have the ability to “kick” users?


Or maybe a vote? Make it so if 1/2 of the players agree, they can vote off a player?


No, I think as the Admin, they have the right to kick whoever they please…


See, I worry that leads to a situation as Admin that other players will feel obligated to keep them happy. I can easily see a situation where the Admin says “hey, give me 20 mana” and if the other player doesnt – they get the boot. It could be outright extortion, or a much more subtle process (just generally wanting to keep an Admin happier than the other players because you dont want to make them angry). Or situations where a player has a resource, and two others want it – and they will default to the Admin because they, again, want to keep the admin happy (or at least happier than the other guy, with no meta ability).

I’m not sure thats fair.


As an Admin I think you’re kind of reserving that right. A ‘mature’ player isn’t going to abuse the power; instead likely to use it for the betterment of the group.

I feel its almost a self regulating power. I know anyone who did this to me would likely be someone where I would never join another game with them again.


You have way more faith in (online gaming) humanity than I do. :slight_smile:


I’d love an option to disable the scroll-wheel zooming feature…

My magic mouse on my mac give me headaches when it like to randomly zoom-in and out!


I will make a note of this and next time i’m adding some options I’ll add this one. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m a huge fan of stars.

The game administrator can right now pause MP games and there is a button to jump ahead in time. There is nothing stopping a group of folks from getting together and playing a whole game in a single sitting right now.

edit: right now the jumps are only 6 hours, but could be persuaded to add some other options.

Turn Based Multiplayer

Oh gosh – I never even thought of that as a way to play. Intrigued.


When recruiting unit, which spawned on claim, (Those, which are added to collection, if you do so.) would be very neat if somewhere it would be clearly shown, that you have or don’t have such in your collection, and if have, how many. Player anyway can anytime look at own collection, but it is not comfortable,when game could do it for you.


What about a bot (hook) on the backend that, whenever an AFK is officially detected (however that happens), automatically makes a forum post in a specific category (e.g. “Blight/Vacancies” or something) with a generic description and link to the game? This would both give a nice easy filter for people looking to jump into an existing game, and it might mean AFKs are replaced more quickly.


I’d also love a button for “show all my troop movements”. It would be especially helpful at game start and any transitional phases, basically any time I’ve got a lot of troops in one area and I want to spread them out to cover several objectives. Clicking through every unit to see where that unit is going is very cumbersome when all I want to do is make sure someone is on their way to the mana pool, or whatever.


Just trying out the admin ability to jump forward 6 hours, I’m surprised at how quick it is, is there any chance (or have an option to) to speed up/ remove the “jumping x hour ahead” in single player?


Jay -

RE: Admin being able to pause or jump the game forward 6 hours. Could you tell me what I’m missing? I don’t see any button(s) like what you’re describing.


If you are the game Admin, on the Options screen you will see a Game Admin section with options to Pause the game and jump ahead 6 hours.


Excellent. Thanks!


I have a small delay on the normal 6 hour button so that a player cannot accidentally abuse the server and smash the button repeatedly. I might need to put a small delay on the MP jump ahead as well.


To be clear I don’t like the fade to black fade out of black bit for single player - it breaks the flow

would it be possible to add a delay before you send another advance x hours command (grey out the button perhaps), but get rid of / speed up the fade to black (at least as an option)

That way single player will feel more responsive (at least to me) and wont put extra load on the server.