When you add the team vs team mode, would it be interesting to have a (non default mode) for winning via clearing your side first, Its kind of fun optimizing for a different goal


Another suggestion would be being able to see what cards you still have in your deck. Like if you clicked the cards on the game, it will make a list of cards you still need to draw in a random order. A note will say that the cards are listed in random order so people don’t get confused that it’s the order of cards coming up. A lot of times I try to remember what cards I brought to a map and if I should try cycle through my cards to get to a good one or not.

Here’s a quick mock up of what I mean.

Also to make Dread Knight more powerful, maybe he could become immune to taunts and movement stop and movement speed slows and so does all zombies that are attracted to him. Right now it’s very easy to just Taunt the Dread Knight to run around in circles and lead his follows in circles with him, but with this buff, he’ll become and unstoppable train that you really need to focus down before he brings his large army of zombies to the nearest settlement.


Both good ideas.

I especially want to see the cards in a deck when I take over an open player position.

Also the immunity on the Dread Knight! (note: His followers should already be immune because the first move compulsion buff should trump others. )


Firsty, super fun game to play - well done.

I have two suggestions for improvement.

  1. In the harder mode games, I think you should be rewarded with additional hero tokens (lets say twice as many to encourage you to give them a go even when you don’t have a huge stack of hero cards yet).
  2. Land type identification - when I first started playing I was not sure what land types were (swamps, forests etc) so a way to identify those would help new players. Perhaps clicking on land would bring up a description like when you click on a town.



Do root-like abilities count as compulsion? I.e. Tangled Vines or Shall Not Pass?
I’m on a game now where twice we rooted a group of zombies (two different groups on opposite sides of the map, days apart) following the Dread Knight and yet both times they kept moving anyway.

I do agree the Dread Knight needs a change of some kind. I think I prefer some of the powers mentioned in another boss suggestion thread recently, but I could go with being immune to compulsion.


I would love a Ruler or Radius tool (whatever matches the game’s internal distance measuring mechanic). There’s nothing worse than (for instance) blowing the 24h cooldown on your Half Giants in a fight between intersections, only to discover that your stack of Giants was actually 1.05 Leagues away. A target confirmation dialog, like on area damage spells, would be nice for this particular case as well, but a general range indicator would just be a really useful tool.


Naming armies, personal hero card for all races with rly small bonus, but for all races. Chose art from given, name and enjoy.

Also, thumbnail image of the barren plateau now is wrong, after those terrible changes. Tт That big swarm of zeds is cool, but not goddamn DRAGONS! (
Anyway, thumbnail is wrong now.


Yes, the dread knight will pull units away that are pinned. (I believe this is also the case for Dragonhelm Knight and other as well. )

I agree, I was going to do it last week but will have another look at it soon. I also think you might not get any for playing easy, but need to think about it some more.

Yes sorry, this keeps dropping off the radar. I will get to it one day!

Oh yeah, on area attacks you are shown everything in range, but when you are the target there is no indication.

Perhaps it would be cool if the card itself calculated it for you (like ranged attacks do).

Naming armies it a cool feature I would like to add soon. Its easy I think. A personal hero card is a bigger thing I would need to think about some more.

Thanks again all!


I’m not sure I like that. He does override a Dragonhelm Knight’s ability, and I think that is good. I like that the boss overrides other compulsions, but overriding roots is another thing. I’m not seeing that fit lore-wise. I do think the Dread Knight himself would work fine as being immune to roots in addition to compulsions.

Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs

Another random idea for replayability –

Why not have different zombie tendencies – like “aggressive” or “protective” or whatever? The change to zombie tendencies to protect graveyards now is great (I really like it), but why not give us the option to toggle zombie habits to be more aggressive (like the last version)?

So, you could have two types of zombie tendencies and when someone is making a game they can choose which type of zombie they want to play against (or select “Surprise me!” and have the game randomly choose and then discover through gameplay).


Great idea. But hey the zombies didnt change agressivness! They just stand up earlier than they use to.


This is an interesting idea. I wonder how this would add to contingency planning during a game if individual zombie groups/armies spawned with a random one of these traits.

“Another group spawned at that town. Is it a protective group so I have some time for it to build up before I have to deal with it (although it will be stronger when I do) or is it an aggressive one that I need to move a moderate strength unit up to stop before it wanders into the nearby town (taking away from the building up I was trying to do)?” You might go through that thought process and gamble each time a new group spawns.


True – but it appears they are more aggressive in terms of actual play. So, same difference? :slight_smile:


Apologies if this has already been suggested, but: what about reducing (or eliminating) the movement penalty for each race when on their home terrain? This would benefit the slower races when played by humans, and also make the slower zombies much scarier on their home turf! Of course, it benefits Goblins and Elves too, but as they have higher base speeds, they don’t gain as much from a reduced penalty as the slower races.

EDIT: Now that I have more experience with the game, I no longer think this is a good idea. Trolls are plenty fast enough as-is; they just take some understanding to play. Giving them a speed buff in the swamps would make them extremely strong. And Dwarves already have the Mountain King.


Ban from rewards afk players. I won’t type, how unfair and abusive it is. Even if player did it with no intention, player still ruins game for allies, and I’m not sure, do currently they are banned for coin reward or any other reward. If not, than even basic inactivity for 48 hours simply kick them out is simplest way to fix it. Though, bots still can come up, so, it is not ideal.

  • If game slot is empty for some time, it would be great, if resources would evenly distribute to other players after slot not being filled after, say, 48 hours. Or at least claimed settlements and places are made neutral, so others could utilize that. (Should be, actually, by default).
    Lore vise, it is realistic. “Our lord left us, like rotten rat from sinking ship! Curse him! We are done with our legacy, we become sell-swords against common cause!” And empty slot player settlements and armies become neutral for others to claim.


Agreed. I’m currently loathe to take over for a dropped player, and for Hard/Nightmare games I’ve resorted to screenshotting the Deck Building screen just so I can remember what cards I put into it.


Easy players should still get some tokens, because what if they’re playing on Easy because they feel like they don’t have good decks yet?

Alternate idea: winning a game on Easy lets you choose a few Common cards. Gives newbies an easy way to build a solid foundation for a deck without letting people farm Uncommon & Rare cards from it.


Hero type request:

A fast Orc Hero that can be attached to Wolf Riders and Chariots. Please?


Some way to see when a combat is going to end when it doesn’t involve your units would be nice (like the ‘preparing for combat’ message for your units)


kind of crazy feature that I bet wouldn’t be worth implementing but mentioning it in case it sounds good

  1. in an option in creating the game allow 1 player to control the zombies
  2. (almost implicit in 1 i think but explicitly saying it) allow the zombies to be controlled via a program on another server a player can set up
  3. add extra commands for a remote zombie server to do things like spawn zombies on a location.