It would be nice if the faded to black screen said which game is was. often I know I can to check game x but have to flip through all of the faded to black screens and click to see which one that is/

also it would be nice on the list of games if you could right click - open in new tab - I don’t know why that option isn’t there but its not.


In lieu of the right click option, I usually hit ctrl+alt+t (in Firefox) to duplicate the tab for as many games as I have and then click on each of them in the different tabs to load them.


What do you mean? There’s message, how long before battle starts. Battle itself is matter of seconds. Or you mean to see for other battle preparations?


They’re referring to having multiple games open at once in different tabs: after some inactivity, they all just show the “Click to Refresh” message without any indication of what game it is that you’re looking at.


I think he means the whole 1-hour period where your troops are essentially stuck in “battle mode”. I never checked myself, but apparently you can’t see when this period is over when you don’t own any of the engaged units?
It would be useful to see if, say, your troops will arrive in time to help with the current battle or just start a new one when they arrive.


This was the most popular request by far for the first version of blight, but tricky to make work.

Would it be too annoying if games always open in a new tab?


For me that would be better, I don’t know if it would confuse some of the less technically able though.


Ahh, it was a reply to a different post by starry wisdom. The comment makes so much more sense now!


I agree with this.


If undead creatures such as gryphons/ents reach a mana pool, it simply razes it.
Perhaps this is masochistic of me, but what if there were undead creature bosses?


There already are Zombie Bosses, and they spawn when zombies reach mana pools.

I’m confused by your comment?


Sorry, I mean zombie gryphons/ents etc. When they’ve reached mana pools for me, they simply destroy them without spawning anything.


AH! OK, yeah, I bet that is an oversight.


I was wondering if there is an intention for zombie boss variants for the creatures as well. Or is a zombie dragon considered punishment enough already? I shudder to think what a dragon boss would be.


You mean besides awesome?


For this mode, I think it should have Triton style movement where you have to commit to jumps across leagues.

And this bothers me a bit as well. I’m pretty sure if creatues like Ents/Gryphons or even Zombie Bosses themselves enter Mana Pools, the Mana Pools only become Blighted and there isn’t an additional hero spawned.

Although Magical zombie creatures would be awesome (… A mage Zombie Dragon…) I think what could be in place is that Mana Pools get a 3rd state if destroyed by a creature that doesn’t spawn a hero. So if a Zombie Gryphon flys over a Mana Pool, it will enter this 3rd state that turns any zombie that can spawn a hero that walks over it again to turn into a zombie hero.

These 3rd state mana pools could also have a high piority to zombies in the immdeiate area I think. Like Zombie AI could look for closest settlement, then look in a 2-3 league area larger and check if there are any 3rd state Mana Pool. If there is a 3rd state mana pool in that second search, it will be drawn to it to spawn into a hero.

If a player reaches the Mana Pool before a zombie does, the Mana Pool could turn into a normal Blighted Mana Pool.

Quick MS Paint mock up of what this 3rd state could look like.

Purple water with a whirlpool effect on it


I really like the idea of zombie boss monsters. We’ll do it as an expansion one day for sure.


and horrifying


I like the effect squared damage has on my tactics, it encourages me to engage in melee much more. It also causes ranged unit to be used more as they are intended: to wittle down an opposing force so that the melee soldiers have an easier time of it.
I do worry that squaring the damage is too strong, but that requires more playing, I think, to develop that thought.

BUT! I have a suggestion for unit powers. Splitting a horde would be an incredibly useful ability now that larger armies cause fewer casualties. Perhaps a righteous or corrupted wizard could choose to freeze only half of a horde for half the mana? Or perhaps a corrupted/righteous unit that causes a horde to split into six groups and fan out. Creates a large amount of chaos, but if you have fast units nearby you can clean up with greater success?


Considering that you can do it at will, it sounds like a really powerful ability.
Since you essentially cut it down into a series of battles where you have a massive numerical advantage, and zombie AI means they will most likely end up going in roughly the same direction anyway.
Still an interesting idea though. perhaps if you cut it down to 2-3 stacks and give them a temporary speed buff for compensation and chaos potential (as you would need to be quite well prepared to handle them) =?