It would certainly be a costly spell, with, I imagine a high cooldown, but I think it is also balanced by the fact that you would need a great deal of preparation to have it even be useful, rather than potentially disastrous.


You could have it split the zombies in 6, each heading in a different direction.


Yes exactly! That’s what I meant, if that wasn’t clear. My idea was if they were on a road, they would split like this

And if they were sitting on a vertex, they would split along the adjacent vertices of the hex.
Further thoughts on the idea: this would be a very powerful ability to pair with a dark forest witch, rune dancer, storm friar…

Not saying this specifically should be the ability, only that an army splitting ability would be an interesting use of the larger armies = fewer casualties principle.


How decided/undecided are the corrupted/righteous abilities I’m sure I could think of some, but I had assumed they were mostly nailed down by now and so had been taking a wait and lets see what they are approach.


We would love as many suggestions as possible please!


Please make looking through the cards in your hand when you have many cards drawn easier. At the moment, the cards bunch up more and more to the point where it is impossible to tell what they are, and clicking on them is difficult.
I recognize this is probably not a common problem, but when I play goblins I spend a lot of valor filling out my deck and use Little Wizards as my primary damage dealers.


Or stop providing coins for Easy maps once the player has a certain number of cards in their deck. That would automatically help prevent abuse.


No, this beats the purpose of gaming at all.
I, personally, am willing to pay, but not because of valor, but because of appreciation of developer effort.
That said, earning coins by putting efforts in ANY map is quite important to me. And I bet to every one else.


I would like a Common Pool for resources added. Here’s how I see it working:

  1. Each player can give/take Gold, Mana, and Valor to/from the Common Pool.
  2. They can leave a comment on the transaction.
  3. They can read a log (similar to the Events log) of who gave to/took from the Common Pool, along with the transactions’ comments.
  4. They can’t spend resources directly from the Common Pool to buy/cast/claim, they must first manually take it out. (This is in place to prevent people from blithely draining it like a credit card.)
  5. Heroes that scale based off total resources (Blind Justice, Cowardly Noble, High Elf, etc) use the sum of that player’s resources + the Common Pool resources.


Here are some.
So, I though 'bout some small things, which will mix up experience of gameplay just a little bit, but won’t be any big importance anyway. They would be there to simply give player 'little bit of concern, all only if he is willing to concern. Such would be:

  1. Gods blessing.
    Idea is, that in each map, when everything starts, bu simple or smart algorithm, one of many god blessings come into. They bless all living souls, giving to them very small bonus.
    Those could be any kind. Example - blessing of some kind of Elven goddess (Sehanine, say, like in D&D), which gives to all ranged attacks +5% power. Or Some ork God, (Grumsh, say, like in D&D), who blesses everyone with fearsome power in melee encounters. (Again some 5% or smaller/bigger bonus)
    Idea is to bring some more lore to the game (Cuz info on god and pantheon is ALWAYS mandatory and interesting in any fantasy fiction. If someone isn’t interested in it, it means he’s not fan of fantasy at all… seriously, Valars would simply abandon such hopeless soul,) and also some game mechanic, which isn’t mandatory but could be considered and utilized by players ahead. I suggest many gods with many bonuses, so it wouldn’t get too repetitive and give that kind of feeling before game - “Well, can’t wait to see, what blessing will come out this time.”
  2. Item cards.
    I bet idea was considered and told already. But it’ simple. Some cards, may be as another section in drop-down (items), where cool artifacts would be captured. Difference is, you pay only gold ('lot of it) to summon weapon for specific squad. After that, weapon can’t be destroyed, even if squad is dead and zombies rise from their bodies. So they can be recovered. Their power is left on your side to decide, I won’t bother balancing this out. As far as I can see, everyone is willing to buff zombies, not considering simple fact, that soon enough after such buffs, no one will have “fun” dealing with their annoying AI. So, giving more neat options for living souls exclusively is finally something, what should be considered as well. (Don’t buff only zombies, livings need some love too!)
  3. Transportation.
    Yeah yeah, there are units for that, and some of them even fly. But wouldn’t it be interesting, if enough carry capacity for those units with advanced movement, to carry one more person? Say, dragon would carry some 10 brave man. Have bunch of them and you can carry simple squad of orcs. Or strong but less in count units. Idea is stupid. but, well… something interesting. Could be even some way of transportation bonus for races, like chariots for humans and cart-rails for dwarves. :stuck_out_tongue:


I quite like this idea (especially nr 4, thats some good thinking there). Also, even if this doesn’t get implemented I would still like to see nr 3, the trade log, so we can easily track who gives what to whom and where this stack of gold suddenly came from.

Haven’t seen this idea before, but I quite like the idea of it. It should allow for more variety between the races and more depth to the basic grunts. Maybe it also gives some of them an ability (if they didn’t have one), or an extra saving throw (for your general for example). Also, do we make it scale with the nr of soldiers, total strenght or individual strength? Or is it just a flat boost?

How about an improvement to the roads for pacified areas? For example, if there are no zombies within 10 leagues of a road, every unit using said road would have 2x speed and negate terrain penalties. Or if a town hasn’t had zombies on it’s adjacent roads (including having it’s connected settlements blighted) for 5 consecutive days, all roads from said town would be improved, and it could be broken if a zombie gets on it.
That way it would be easier to bring guys across the map late-game, without really affecting the area where the zombies are. Of course, this might be a bit too powerful, since it would negate some of the downsides of the slower races, and allow for (comparatively) lighting fast reinforcements from the faster ones.

I don’t think this is a really good idea, specifically because the effect is so small. Even if people don’t just ignore it, there are many far more important factors which will dictate your decisions. The small buff would merely be a nice bonus whenever it applies, but it would be too small to make it worth chasing (in my opinion anyway. The pro’s might think otherwise :slight_smile: ).


This already exists! It’s part of the Events log. Though I agree that a dedicated trade log would make it easier to notice. Maybe the Trade Log could have its own mini-chat, just for requesting resources or offering extras. That would clean up the general Chat and the Event log in one go!


I’m not a big fan of this, mainly because I’m not sure what problem it’s meant to solve. People can already trade resources with no restrictions or penalties (something else I think is problematic). What’s the point of making an extra “player” who exists just to exchange resources?

You think the High Elf needs buffs? :sweat_smile:


Indeed it does! I hadn’t noticed that before. Still, having it in it’s own tab would help, as the messages wouldn’t get drowned out as much. And unlike most events, these can’t be so easily deduced from looking at the map.
The mini-chat would indeed be a neat solution.


Mostly because right now you often need a bunch of communication to make the exchange happen, and only helps in more specific cases, or relies on the giver to judge whoever needs the money the most. This way the process is more streamlined, as giving players can just dump anything they don’t need into the common pool, and takers can get those resources immediately whenever they need them.

It’s not exactly a buff (^^). More of case of cutting out the need for communications again, so players can play optimally (since in an optimal scenario, the high elf player would be borrrowing that mana anyway).
Still, elf-mage players will reaaally like this system methinks :smiley:


Not just Mana, but Blind Justice’s Valor. And yes, that suggestion was inspired by my request to “borrow” mana to fuel the High Elf. And endgame situations where half the players have excess resources and are trying to find out which players still need Gold/Mana/etc & how much. As for it “buffing” the High Elf, I’d be fine with that. First, as Starry_Wisdom linked a few weeks ago, I like the design theory of “optimized play should be fun”; less busywork borrowing resources from everyone is more fun. Also, if High Elves become too powerful with a system like that, then it means they are broken themselves, rather than broken because of the resource pool system. The resource pool system does nothing that a group of players constantly checking the game every 5 minutes (and pausing when they can’t) couldn’t do.

Speaking of which, the endgame in large maps probably needs some tweaking. It seems like half the players are too far away from the remaining zombies to do much other than wait 2 days for their forces to reach the battlefields & donate all their resources to the other players. Just not sure how to fix it yet.


Maybe some kind of teleport system? Something which allows you to, say, buy an upgrade in a town which allows other people to teleport their troops to that? And it could only be unlocked after certain requirements (No zombies around for the last few days, a certain player-to-zombie strength ratio, killed all zombies in your starting area, other things).
Or maybe you could recruit from allied player’s towns if they allowed you to? Like the banner units, but with towns?


What about if a player could give you towns or banner units. As a way of “inviting” you over to their area.


It would help a bit, but I don’t think it would solve the overall problem.
We can already deploy heroes at allied banners, so being given banner unit’s doesn’t really help (unless it somehow allows you to deploy all heroes, instead of race-specific ones).

Receiving a town would allow you to participate more, but you’d still have the problem that most of your production is too far away to be of any use. You would also have to raise a completely new force over there, which can also take some time. Having such a transfer option would be useful in other scenario’s though.

Having said that, the zombies are kinda suffering from the same production-distance problem, so for a mopping up situation it might work reasonably well. If the zombies are still a significant force in the late-game (say, theyve taken over a third of the map in one corner), then a fast-travel system might give the players way too much of an advantage.


Considering what a big part of the game Trading and Diplomacy are, I think a third end-of-game badge (like Zombie Slayer and Soul Savior) would be cool; one for “most resources donated” in some way. I think this would be a straightforward way to encourage extra cooperation.

There are two obvious hurdles that I see:

  • The relative values of the different resources would have to be normalized somehow.
  • In a naive, “amount donated” system, two players in a 3+ player game could donate all their resources back and forth for as long as they want to make sure one of them receives that badge. So the actual value being compared would have to be something like “net trade deficit”, e.g. total_given - total_received.
  • Near the end game, there could be a rush to see who can give away the most stuff. I’m not sure how to resolve this cleanly.

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