Suspecting multi-account

I suspect multi-account in my current game because the player is not upgrading their infrastructure, but they continue to expand and wage war in an apparent alliance with another player, that other player having pretty good infrastructure for how few stars they have. Jay can you please check this game for cheaters? thanks: Neptune's Pride

This is something that is increasingly ticking of my empire… get it?? “tick”

It happens a lot mostly in non premium games, in premium games they had to “buy” there account so they dont waste there time cheating. Though I have seen it in premium games to.

Unfortunately, I dont think it is against the rules to actually use multi account… and even if it was there are ways to bypass the rules, like using proxys to hide duplicate IP address and use different browsers so cookies dont save on the same browser with both your accounts.

In most of my games I come across the same to people who its obvious have some kind of cheating going on… I actually believe what he says when he denys, that he is friends with someone from another country or something…but in one game I knew one of them was at least using 2 accounts which means I suspected 3 accounts. But I could only be certain on 2 of them just because of the excuses that came out.

In your game I bet it is “SSANDFUN” and “RGRAX” that you suspect, because these seem familiar with the exact same people that I have problems with lol

One of them always calls himself “somethingANDsomething” and the other one joins with 1 renown with any random name that I would be breaking rules if I said probably.

Its really annoying when it happens every single game, the only thing you can do is make a good team, but its likely they will use both accounts to team against you or just spam credits to someone…

Or maybe it is “LULLEBULLE” because he always picks that avatar if its the same people I think it is… defiantly “SSANDFUN” always chooses names like that, in my game he choose “ANALANDFUN” in the one im playing.

Actually Jay said it is cheating to use multi-account. But it is not cheating if it’s friends, even if one of them is 100% sacrificing themselves by abandoning stars, giving funds, etc.

It is really hard to prove that somebody is cheating though. It’s very easy to change the IP address and stuff like you said.

Can I see your game? Just to compare

He teams with “The juggernaut” he has 1 renown so you can draw similarities.

“The Juggernaut” sometimes calls himself swagger, or “BIG D***” and “somethingANDsomething” uses “GRUMBO” name as well.

You cant catch cheaters after one game unless its obvious, but after multiple games of spying on them you can kind of make a good guess.

Playing with multi accounts is cheating and I do quickly investigate each claim.

I had to also make it agains the rules to make accusation of cheating in game because it almost all cases it’s just two friends working closely together. There is nothing worse that a game full of players accusing each other of cheating.

There are no duplicate IP or very similar emails in the game above. There are no private chat message that indicate cheating.

ok fair enough there probably telling the truth, but if there cheaters there isnt going to be any private chat because they would be talking to themselves, so if there is any private chat at all then they are probably not the same person right?? so I guess you can find out just with that, would make catching people alot easier.

Sometimes players brag to thier friends that they have multi accounts.

lol that is silly…

Its most annoying when you think someone is cheating but in reality you have no way of knowing… some excuses they come up with might be good but on the other hand some make no sense what so ever and it just draws more suspicions xD

So I actually used to accuse this person almost instantly just to try and get some information that might make it obvious… But I stopped treating them as cheaters and started believing what they was saying to some extent… its just funny how I think its the same person who came up again but by someone else.

This may not be cheating, but its not in the spirit of the game.

Exactly how I feel, Its an 8 player game so we should have 8 players trying to win, not 7 players and one person just trying to make there friend win.


Its almost like the last slot is reserved for someone who already joined the game…

Thanks for investigating Jay.

Whether or not there is collusion in this game, pretty sure I can come out on top :smiling_imp:

I had an email conversation with the Juggernaut just the other day. He has been around since NP1 in 2010.

@AlienGamer I compared our two games, honestly I don’t think we have any of the same players. The two guys that have 1 Renown in my game started with only 0 Renown, everyone else has 0 Renown except the two premium players.

He told me, he wanted his stats back or something… that they got reset after an update… The conversation came about because I was trying to conclude if he lost his stats because he was using a different account from last time or whether he was telling the truth.

The thing is last time we played that was obviously before the game was updated for him to lose stats.

OK, but now you know Alien, accusing players of cheating or mult-accounting will get you kicked!

Fair enough Jay ;p

Well how am I suppose to find out if they are cheating if I dont accuse them?

Actually dont tell me you have spanked me enough xD

Jay… are “SSANDFUN” and “ANALANDYOU” the same person from those games?? because “SSANDFUN” have different stats…

Or is it a coincidence?

Lol I don’t think Jay can tell you that would be unethical :stuck_out_tongue: It’s gotta be a coincidence anyway. They have different stats and SSANDFUN went AFK pretty soon into the game I don’t think they did anything shady