Switch to another active game from another


It would be nice to be able to switch from one active game to another without having to go the main menu. I imagine this is a popular use case:

Check one game -> exit from the menu back to the main menu --> my games --> click on another game.

It’s slow to load those screens sometimes.

Best case would be an expanding list of your other games being accessible to the in game menu. 2nd place would be to just just straight to the “my games” page instead of the main menu.



What I do is keep a tab open for each game and then just switch tabs. I do this both on my laptop and my phone. I never close them and they are always all right there.


I’m using Chrome as my browser and I just used the back button. It takes me from the current game back to my active games menu without having to go to the main menu.


Just add your active games into bookmarks in your browser.


What device are you using ?


PCs, iOS devices… it’s not ridiculously slow.

Thanks for the web browsing tips people. I still think it’s a good cheap feature to add.


Yes, the New version of Blight of the Immortals does not have a separate page load between the Menu and the Game and its much faster to jump around. I would like to to the same for Neptune’s Pride one day soon.