Tactical question


This isn’t the first time I find myself in this situation and I’m interested to know how the seasoned veterans would play this scenario out:

I’m in the lead by a comfortable but not totally dominating margin. Players in 2nd & 3rd place are friendly with me, but definitely tighter with each other and their combined forces are enough to obliterate me. Pretty soon we’ll have wiped out the remaining smaller players and there won’t be enough stars left for anyone to win without attacking each other.

I can only see 3 options:

  1. Try and get into bed with one of them (at the high risk of losing all trust)
  2. Attack early (at the almost certain outcome of failure)
  3. Prepare for a defense & counter attack

Can anyone else think of a better strategy here?


I wouldn’t call myself a seasoned veteran, but here’s what I’d try:

  1. Like you said, strongly ally myself with one of them to take down the other. Of course this would be very hard since you say they are closer with each other (and rightly so). However, pushing the idea of working with you couldn’t hurt, since it seems fairly inevitable that they will team up to beat you. Just be wary of deceit should they agree.

  2. Gain the support of the smaller players. Organize a fake attack on a smaller player with the 2nd and 3rd place players, but actually work with the smaller players. Ideally weapons tech could be sent just before any fleets arrive, which should throw 2 and 3 into disarray. Ideally this should cause them to lose enough ships to keep your forces large enough to attack/defend.

  3. Prepare to turtle up. Again, organizing a fake attack to deplete/move their ships while you move into defensive positions would help, but will also show you intend to stop working with them. Figure out defensive positions across your stars and be willing to lose some to defend others. Push research in weapons, that way you’ll get the biggest advantage possible when defending. If you can create a strong enough defense (even if you lose a few stars) to the point where you reach a stalemate, you may be able to continue growing your advantage until you can win on your own.


Thanks for your input, I think you’re right about contacting them, but also turtling up for the time being and making defensive decisions.