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Hey crew…

How do you reference a player in messages?

When it’s a small 8 person game I can just click their icon from the row above the chat window and their name appears in the message all clickable and perfect, much like clicking the star or ship on the map.

How do you do this in larger games? … guess their player number and type the name with brackets and all that… it can’t be that difficult, i feel like i’ve seen other people do it but can’t find reference to how anywhere.

Question about Mail
Linking in mobile

Some @ functionality would be wonderful here @JayKyburz


This is not documented too well.

A diplomatic message with no recipients creates a note to self.

Left clicking a star will insert a link to that star into the email.
Manually type the star name enclosed by double brackets will insert a link to that star into the email.

Left clicking a carrier will insert the name of that carrier into the email.

Mouse middle clicking a star or carrier will insert a link to that empire into the email.
Manually type that empire number enclosed by double brackets will manually create a link to that empire in the email.

In a note to self, manually type a vertical list of numbers 0 - ( number of players minus 1 ) each enclosed by double brackets. Break the list up into groups of five. Send to self. Receive note to self, for future reference.


NOTE TO SELF: no recipient, thanks thats useful :blush:

I’m on a laptop with a trackpad… whats MIDDLE CLICK ?

It would be nice if there was an easier way, other than manually typing lists -1 (Array formatting?) and then sending these to myself to reference, when I want to reference an empire in chat… @JayKyburz


How do you build this list with associated numbers once the game starts and you only have the leaderboard (shuffled view) to build it out… - larger than 8 player games


I ignore the Leaderboard, since it is impossible to click on the Leaderboard to insert anything into email. 0 - 63 is not too much labor.

From experience playing in a 64 player game, I also know this
circles are 0 - 7 , colors are left to right as in an 8 player game,
squares are 8 - 15
hexes are 16 - 23
triangles are 24 - 31
crosses are 32 - 39
diamonds are 40 - 47
stars are 48 - 55
pills are 56 - 63

So the list looks something like this
blue circle is [[0]]
cyan circle is [[1]]
pink circle is [[6]]
yellow diamond is [[43]]
red pill is [[61]]
etc. . .


Some mice have three buttons. Some crazy mice have more controls.

My Logitech wireless mouse has only two buttons, but the wheel is also a sneaky middle button.
My laptop touchpad has three buttons, so I can middle click with that too.

EDIT : my two button mouse has more ! My mouse wheel can be tilted left or right, to make my browser go “BACK” or “FORWARD”. I do not usually use those, so I usually forget, but you made me look again. HA HA !


I dont know if you can say mice with more that three buttons is crazy. The standard microsoft mouse has had 2 standard buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, and the wheel button as standard for at least 20 years.


I often get questions about this from other players, so I’m bumping it and including a copypastable list, to make it a matter of simple addition:

0 - blue
1 - cyan
2 - green
3 - yellow
4 - orange
5 - red
6 - pink
7 - purple

0 - circle
8 - square
16 - hexagon
24 - triangle
32 - cross
40 - diamond
48 - star
56 - pill

I never mention the part about the next character typed getting sucked into the void, because people like to figure some things out for themselves. :microscope:


I just put this in a message:

0  : [[0]]
1  : [[1]]
2  : [[2]]
3  : [[3]]
31 : [[31]]


Middle click a star


I use right click on a star or carrier. It works for me (in Chrome at least).