Teach players about AI behavior

Hey all,

I know there are a few AI threads and I’ve read all of them, but maybe some game mechanics have changed over the last few months so I’m asking my questions here:

  1. AI expansion
    I know you’re working on a new system for “two AI groups”, @JayKyburz, but would this consider the following case:
    In a late game, AI X “is friends” with its only neighbor AI Y (trading all techs) and finds itself in a corner of the map where expansion is impossible except for going against AI Y. Right now, I have the feeling they will stay allies although AI X has no possibility for development and a human player would sooner or later decide to change something about it.

  2. Does the AI immediately “think and act like the AI” from the very moment a player goes AFK/QUIT? In the long run it would be interesting if the AI was able to adapt to the player’s style in a consistent way. For example, by comparing how many carriers he sent to other players’ stars during the last x cycles in relation to his # of available carriers/# ships/# stars.

  3. Trading with AI
    Is sending tech considered the same amount of money sent to the AI?
    How much $ does a player need to send to a (neutral or friendly?) AI to probably (80%?) receive tech in return? Just the transfer cost or more? Is this amount of transfered $ also considered for the calculation of “regard” for this AI at the same?
    In case it’s not considered yet: What about increasing the 80% probability by 1-2% per +1 regard? This would reward a human player’s interaction with a single AI.

Again, sorry for asking so many questions, I’m just curious about the game mechanics, so feel free to answer at will!

"Does the AI immediately “think and act like the AI” from the very moment a player goes AFK/QUIT?"

"How much $ does a player need to send to a (neutral or friendly?)"
From my tests, you need to send them whatever the stated amount is to improve disposition (i.e. “you can send £105 to improve relations…”) - if you send $100 expect nothing - even if you send a further $5 straight after. Also, don’t expect any techs unless you’re on 0 disposition or above. In this respect remember that the game leader gets penalized immediately in that all AIs will go to -1 disposition (regardless of what the previous disposition was). You will also see that AIs that are doing well require more $$ for increase disposition.

The 80% thing you’ve read about… I’m not sure it’s still relevant. Games I’ve been in recently, if you send the specified amount and disposition is 0 or above, they’ll send you a tech in return every time.

Also consider that it’s sometimes cheaper to send a tech than $$ to get a tech back… however it does mean other players will have access to it, and the AI might not have the money to send you a tech back.

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No - sometimes it is immediate other times there is significant delay.

It can take up to 4 cycles (or turns, not sure!) after a player QUITs before the AI takes over completely. This might only apply to turn based games though. I can provide proof but I’m unsure why it happens.

Tech trades work immediately though.