Team game needing 1 player ASAP`


We need one player to fill in ASAP for someone that bailed at the last minute on our custom Teams game. Everyone else is in game and waiting. Teams of 3, no tech trades outside your team, and a galactic core filled with robots! Message me if you are interested in joining.


I can’t PM you - internal server error 500.


My girlfriend is interested in joining - Chlorophylls.

I can understand the potential conflict of interest since we’d be on different teams and apparently sharing the same IP address (I think? We use different computers), along with her being very new to the game, and us potentially collaberating/accidentally seeing information from each other.

If those are ok, then she’d very much like to play!


Thanks so much Selkie! I managed to get a reply from another player that I had previous experience with, before I saw your other message. I really appreciate it. Depending how this one goes, I’d be thrilled to have you two team up in a future team game. Tell her I’m sorry about this one.