Team Game Settings


I was thinking that we could really use settings for team games/formal alliance options.

  1. Unified victory condition
  2. Auto/unbreakable Formal Alliance
  3. Toggle view between individual players and Team. StarCraft 2 is a good
    example of this, the game allows you to observe the game with your
    team appearing as a single color or as individual players.
  4. Formal Alliance Tech view- allow you to compare Research views just like all other visible stats
  5. Joint Control/Team Carriers - allow either/all member set commands, allow loops that transit between players

Organizing a Team game

I posted this in another thread, but it is more appropriate here. My comments echo what Brian said, but figure it might help having another player chime in with some suggestions for Jay if he wants to adds some options to facilitate team based games.

  1. Some means of identifying to NP the teams … and pre-setting alliances … and disallowing any tech/money transfers outside the team. This might be easily doable via the admin options. So you can setup 5x3, 6x2, 4x4, etc … and also specify which positions on the galaxy they go. Obviously more work if a Dark Galaxy, but maybe in version 2.

  2. Win-by percentage should be team total stars, not individual. This game is set to 33% so it will be very tempting at the end for a team to abandon stars to one player to shoot for the win … rather than galactic domination. Implementation would not only be in the “win” code, but nice if “team leaderboard” and “team stats” (showing team totals) was visible.


Some other controls, based on the mess that is an attempt at a team based game currently in play.

That game had the House Rules of No Tech Trades outside of your team and no cooperation between teams.

Limiting tech trading could be a subsetting of the team Auto Formal and Alliance Tech view. Maybe also make a setting where tech within a team is automatic, instant and not charged a transfer fee. Since it would be universal in a Team game, it would be consistent and fair.

The second is impossible to in force, and one reason that particular game is a mess. There have been suggestions of blocking communication outside of one’s team. I don’t know if that is a good idea or not. If you have people that believe in fair play and the best strategy will win, then you don’t have to prevent people from chatting. Maybe limit messages in two ways. Whole group messages and team member messages. It wouldn’t stop people talking outside of the game, but would limit chatter within the game in a reasonable fashion.