Team strategies

Hi all,

I’m curious to know how far your coordination with allies goes. Sure, e.g. in terms of research, the “best scientist” would sprint weapons but do you have other strategies?

What I have done so far: Exchange scanning information either through text or screenshots (not sure how easy Dropbox links can be handled on mobile though).

In order to generate synergies, do you think it would make sense to coordinate infrastructure builds (industry/science)? Of course every player still has his own interests, but for example during the end of a game when it’s clear who you’re supporting, your team might want to let the one concentrate on ships/science who has the lowest cost for it?

Generally I try to coordinate research efforts every pay period, which often changes depending on what you get an exp bonus on. I’ve gotten lazy lately and just take a screen capture of my research panel and post to imgur. You know because…

A picture’s worth a 1000 words.

I never communicate with anyone outside of the in-game messaging system, well at least not in a long long time (np1 days) and I’ve never texted anyone.

Unless I know that I haven’t a chance in hell of winning 1st, 2nd and even 3rd, I usually don’t coordinate economy/industry/science efforts with anyone. Because in order to win, I gotta have all 3 built up well when it comes down to you vs. your allies. If you are going to lose and are playing a support role, then I’d say concentrate on turtling up and focusing on economy and industry as your allies will likely out-pace you in science.

using outside tools like screenshots and text, etc seems kinda lame.

Can you explain a little more in depth?

Do you maybe mean that it “spoils the atmosphere of the game” (or simply the game play) when you use tools?

Explain more what I mean by lame?.. well it’s a subjective description of my inner feelings. It feels very similar to what I feel when I hear meta-gamers talk about looking up all the secrets in a level of a game before playing the level. Different circumstance but same feeling of disgust. spoils the atmosphere works. If i could share images etc in the game chat it would be part of the game but taking screenshots and then sending them through another site just rubs me as a form of cheating. It’s not that big a deal but still feels kinda icky… to me … which is why i think lame is a good descriptor.

This is not yet documented in the Triton Codex.
You can hit the “U” shortcut key to download a screenshot from the game, as a *.JPG or *.PNG file.

EDIT . Just now discovered that the screenshot can also save as a *.GIF or *.BMP file.

I also use a hand held solar calculator.

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I sometimes play maps with RL friends and willingly share information with them. Sometimes it’s a couple RL friends against a couple of other RL friends. Most games I play on my own but I assume and can sometimes sense some opposing alliance might be RL friends themselves.

With that thought in mind, If I’m allied with some stranger from across the world I’ll share intel with them based on the assumption enemy alliances are doing the same. I don’t personally see it as cheating or lame more so that if I don’t do it I’m possibly at a disadvantage. But it’s not very common that someone shares a screen dump with me.

If it wasn’t such a server hog it might be a good option that alliance members could share in game screen shots with a utility toggled at set up. This could be switched on when creating a new game.

“U” shortcut key : Wow, good to know… Now if you could share those within the message context

Sharing intel like "344 @ [[Hot Saw]] " seems totally legit… because you’re using the system that’s built to do so.

Personally, I would also really like a text every time a star is targeted by another player, but if I wrote a script that did that for me I would feel like I was cheating.

I really do not know. I imagine that Jay has not implemented any screenshot sharing in-game perhaps because the huge memory that would be consumed on the server.

taking screenshots and then sending them through another site just rubs me as a form of cheating

Lame? Yes, subjective. Cheating? Certainly not. If it’s not expressly written anywhere in the codex, nor on this forum that you shouldn’t share screenshots or it’s frowned upon, then it’s not cheating.

I only take issue with you using that term because for someone like me, after working hours (9-5pm), I normally plays on my phone. there is no way I’m going to spend the time touch-typing out multiple systems’ intel when I can screenshot it and send the exact same information with little effort. The very fact that there is a keyboard shortcut in-game only serves to validate it as a means of sharing intel.

But here is a proposal: Maybe there could be a setting on the game where any and all URLs are parsed out if the creator so chooses. That would then expressly forbid that form of intel sharing from that game. Yes folks could circumvent that by space-breaks and such, but at least it would be some form of stating “in this game, that is frowned upon”.

I really do not know. I imagine that Jay has not implemented any screenshot sharing in-game perhaps because the huge memory that would be consumed on the server.

He could easily implement a script that calls the imgur API, post the screenshot, then return the URL for posting in the in-game messages.