Teams Tournament Expression of Interest


It’s been almost a year since TheLastHero organised the last 3v3 Tournament in December 2020.
With interest in competitive 1v1 NP2 matches at an all-time high, I thought it’d be cool if we could get the ball rolling for another teams tournament, and if all things go well, for it to start in December (EDIT: January).

Ofcourse, tournaments need participants, and participants need to know what they’re signing up to before they sign up to it. Looking through legacy threads, I came up with a few ideas of how the games might work.


  • Turn Based, 24h/36/48h deadlines
  • Teams of 2/3/4/5
  • Formal Alliance at start of Game
  • Game Settings: TBD
  • Tournament Format: Single Elimination

I am also aware that there are various map options we will need.
Anyways, who would be down to play in a teams tournament?

EDIT: Planned starting in January 2022

I love team games. Sign me up!

I would also love a team match. i will need a team, so someone would need to be adopted me. i dont eat much and i dont like buying sciences. :space_invader:

I’d also be interested

We could perhaps give people an option to sign up as a team, or by themselves and then get randomly put in teams

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I’ll give this a go. Happy to coach newbies or be coached by some veterans!

I’d be interested as well, never participated in one of these before.

I’m interested, and I like the idea of being able to sign up alone and be assigned to a team

I might be interested too, and I could happily adopt @Tanktress , she is a good servant for the Queen. :crown: I’m just a bit concerned about the time in December. If the torunament will start at the beginning of the month it would be fine, but close to Christmas and New Year it might be harder. At least long deadlines are needed for that time.

Thinking about it a lot of people go on vacation from around Christmas to after New Years, so perhaps starting this in 2022 may work better

early 2022 is definitely better than christmas time
also that’d leave time to finish the flying swiss tournament and the november 1v1 lll that havent started yet

I’d be interested for this, in January 2022 - thanks for organising this @spymort.

This is a video of one I played in just over a year ago: Neptune's Pride 3v3 Galaxy - the full story - YouTube

Definitely fun!


That was an outstanding game. Mal took everything I threw at him, and brushed it right off. The winning side controlled the center from almost the beginning and never let go

I’m interested! I’m a newbie for teams tournaments and looking forward to the challenge. :slight_smile:

Count me in too!

Team tourneys are always loads of fun. Not sure how to stack teams to make it fair, fun and challenging at the same time. Either break up so that every team has equal numbers of high ranking and low ranking players… Or maybe do a draft with team captains… Any other ideas? Picking our own teams generally wouldn’t be good for fairness, IMHO.

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If you guys were to decide to go with this option, I could draw the teams based on the 1v1 world rankings. The winning team of the last 3v3 tournament had Top10 players only, so some kind of scrambling would definitely be good to achieve the goals you mentioned.

If people are happy to get put in teams according to their 1v1 rank that would be cool

I would also be interested in doing a team tournament. I joined the November LLL and am having a lot of fun in my game with wfmcgillicuddy (Who is currently destroying me if I may add…).

Thanks. Since we have had over 14 unique users contribute to this thread, and assuming that there are more who are interested, we will surely be able to give a tournament a go at the start of next year.