Teams Wanted (Team Games)

I’m looking for two teams of 3 to join a 5x3(15 players), turned based game. The settings are 6 tick jumps with 12hr turns; 32 stars/player with 33% needed for victory (I thought this was a fair amount with a team of 3 each controlling around 33%); Home worlds and Infrastructure costs are standard; Scanning research is expensive; Hyper range starts at level 2; Everyone begins with $1500 and must align with their team before first production. No teams are allowed to cooperate in any way.

Warning: This is not a game for new or inexperienced players. The line up so far includes 3 teams of highly skilled players/NP vets. Please only apply if you are confident in your skill level and willing to dedicate the time needed to make this a good game for your team.
Anyone interested can email me at for info on how to sign up.

Should be a good game EJ. I have recommended a player to contact you.

This should be a lot of fun. Only one more team (3 players) missing, so please consider joining and let’s get the show on the road! :wink:

This game is underway and getting interesting. The 5 teams of three are grouped together (wondering if it might have been more interesting for us to be seperate?) and the teams in order of join are:

  1. EJ, Papa Lazarou, Hellomruppercut (Yel-S, Yel-C, Ora-C)
  2. Rusty Bolts, Karmadrome, James T Kirk (Blue-S, Red-S, Cyan-C)
  3. Neogrendal, Brian Boru, HULK … aka Boru’s Bastards! :wink: (Ore-S, Blue-C, Green-S)
  4. Dysp, Rygel, Krah (Green-C, Cyan-S, Pink-S)
  5. Abject Testament,Penitent Tangent, Mendicant Bias (Pur-C, Pink-C, Red-C)

Here’s an animated GIF of the first day of action.


First 5 days of battle - Boru’s Bloodthirsty Bastards are in Black! :wink:

I ended up with a couple of awesome teammates Brian Boru & Neogrendal and this game has been quite fun with all the scheming between us. Some suggestions for Jay if he wants to adds some options to facilitate team based games.

  1. Some means of identifying to NP the teams … and pre-setting alliances … and disallowing any tech/money transfers outside the team. This might be easily doable via the admin options. So you can setup 5x3, 6x2, 4x4, etc … and also specify which positions on the galaxy they go. Obviously more work if a Dark Galaxy, but maybe in version 2.

  2. Win-by percentage should be team total stars, not individual. This game is set to 33% so it will be very tempting at the end for a team to abandon stars to one player to shoot for the win … rather than galactic domination. Implementation would not only be in the “win” code, but nice if “team leaderboard” and “team stats” (showing team totals) was visible.

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First 10 days of battle:

What is the point of blacking out your section? Clearly at that zoom level, you aren’t going to see any useful information that isn’t visible in game. Carriers don’t show up at that level, much less anything else under normal display settings.

Boru’s Bloodthirsty Bastards are turning the galaxy black!

I like these gifs. Is it heasp of work to line up the galaxy in exactly the same spot everytime? Do you have a trick to get it right?

I zoom the galaxy to the same size, then select LeaderBoard and click on Hulk twice … which centers it on my home world … and click on the leaderboard again … and then take screenshot and save as a JPEG - I probably could use your keyboard shortcut. Then just slam 'em together as a GIF.

The biggest issue/problem is that it is, of course, a scan from my point of view … plus my teammates in this alliance based game So any information that we do NOT want other to see has to be blacked out … most notably Warp Gates.

I commented in this thread that a keyboard shortcut to provides an observers point of view (with the leaderboard next to it) would be ideal. Bonus points if you make cycle/tick in bigger font and remove the amount of cash I have left.

Below is the first 12 days of the game. I removed the “black out” since I don’t think there is any harm in publicly posting now. Click on the image to see full-screen.

My monitor was starting to die … so I took a chance on a sub-$400 2560x1600 eBay import from South Korea which fortunately has worked out great - holy crap does NP look good in high-res. So there was a break in the action and when I restarted, it’s centered/sized differently.

FYI FWIW: Here’s another 120+ hours since I got the new monitor and a repeatable way to screengrab.
Click on the image to see big.

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So after 564 ticks (23 days, 12 hours game time), this game (which started on March 2nd, 2014) ended on April 18th, 2014. For reference, the game parameters different from the default were 15-players, 32 stars, Expensive/Rare Warp Gates, Expensive Scanning Research, HR2 to start, $1500 cash, 6/12 turn circular galaxy with 33% (by individual, not team) to win - i.e. 146 of 441 stars total.

It was a fun game and enjoyable battle with all … the Neo/Krah back-n-forth was probably the most intense.

The team format was a blast … but we clearly need Jay (in his copious spare time!) to add some “team capabilities” to the game … in particular, preventing tech trades/cash transfers between players on different teams.

I want to especially thank Brian Boru and Neogrendal for being excellent teammates and making this the funnest NP game I’ve played.

Screengrabs of the first 12 days of Battle … click to see big

Got new monitor - Days 14-23 … click to see big

Good job there Hulk.
I would like to get some screen shots. I know about the U shortcut for the screen grab, but I don’t know how to place the map in the same location every time. The method you listed earlier in the thread doesn’t seem to work. Clicking on players no longer zooms to their location. I know it used to. If I click on the Home icon in the menu it zooms in.

I have to often click on it TWICE to get it to work.

Looking forward to battling against you guys again in the second team game - Brian has setup a nice map - should be fun!

@infin8eye and @HULK that sounds like the bug I reported here: Must click "eye" icon twice to move map to player's territory on leaderboard

Can you confirm? (Maybe in that thread)

Confirmed the bug Mark and replied in thread.
Looking forward to the rematch Hulk.

How did you get the gif so that you can get a full screen version when clicked on?

Yea, I ran into the same problem - you need to sign up for an imgurl account to get bigger size …