Tech Roulette

Wonder what would happen if tech was assigned by chance? Come find out if your luck will hold, or if your neighbor simply decides you are too unlucky to live. Double time game with pay every 9h.

A little more detail:

Max experimentation to start with a very tight star pattern. It will be very much survival of the fittest with FA available! First round of tech experiments could make or break you.

With the quick cycle time, you won’t have long to wait until the next chance to boost the tech you want. Science is expensive, so join up with some neighbors and support each other through the crisis!

@JayKyburz I think there is a bug in the settings I used for this game. Some players only got 9 starting stars (instead of the desired 10). I assume it has to do with the tight pattern. I have some screen shots, but the game is linked above.