That, could be a problem


When infrastructure costs $0, buying becomes problematic.

Thankfully, buying on galaxy screen works fine.


I’ve never seen this (you must have some crazy high Terra) but this has been brought up before and is hopefully on Jay’s todo list. I’m guessing an easy fix:
$upgrade_cost = 1 if ($upgrade_cost < 1);
which should (obviously) also be applied to Industry, Science, and Warp Gates.

LOL if the Economy upgrade cost stayed at ZERO because you could build infinite Economy! :wink:


$upgrade_cost = MAX( 1 , original_formula_of_$upgrade_cost ) ;


I’ve not looked at the code, but the correct fix is probably changing something like:

if (upgradeCost) {


if (upgradeCost !== undefined) {

Because 0, "", undefined, etc. are all falsy.


@JayKyburz , wonder why after HULK and xjhdexter posted into this thread,

the forum topics listing does not show the additional users ?


I’ll put this on the list.

I’ve started a public trello board for all the new features / bugs but haven’t started moving issues over to it from my private list.


ps: The bug is that the minimum upgrade cost for inf should be 1 I think!


edit: it is now!

That trello board is not public btw.

Board not found.

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