The AI Cheats!

I’ve looked through the forum and it seems this was supposed to have been fixed, but it is still clearly happening.
I didn’t feel the need to revive an old thread so just made a new one.
Can we have this looked in to please?
As you can see in the screenshot, blue has jumped from outside its range.

The AI hivemind rules now. Accept defeat. Accept your new masters.

Resistance is futile.


How do you know that the AI doesn’t have a higher hyperspace tech level then you?

In the picture you can see the AI’s scanning and range. You can see that he is jumping from one star out of that range to the other. It doesn’t matter what level I am at. The range that is display will always be the player that owns the stars tech level that has been selected. Also this is a known bug/feature.

Ah i didnt know it showed you their range when you select their system, my bad on that one.

Yeah almost all of the range indicator on the maps are not correct. They are even incorrect for players. I posted today regarding this. The map animations are not accurate to the programmed distances.

But this is a known bug your right and is very annoying im dealing with it in 2 games atm.

I don’t even check that, if my waypoint highlights a star, then cool, if not, I don’t worry about it unless I’m close to completing range

I’m currently playing in a new player game and this is happening to me too (AI doing a jump that requires Hyperspace Range 5 when he only had level 2). It’s frustrating when I’m still learning the rules of the game, to find out the AIs don’t even have to obey them. Or am I overlooking a button somewhere that allows me to jump outside my Hyperspace Range too?

On the topic of cheating ai’s… they can always anticipate moves in a turn based game. They should have to follow the same tick jumps as a real player imo.

Signed up to an account to report that I’m also a new user of the game and found the same issue today!
It’s only been 1 cycle, no-one has Hyperspace 2 yet, and the as someone dropped out the AI took over for them.
They’re making a level 2 jump (confirmed by Ruler and the fact that my ships can’t make the opposite jump), but only on tech level 1. Thought I was safe for a while longer yet!! Appears I need to lock down all systems regardless of distance! :frowning: