The AI isn't doing anything


We created a game and one of the players didn’t join up so we started the game without him, assuming the last spot would be filled by an AI. There is in fact an AI called Automaton, but he hasn’t spent any money or done anything in the first two hours. Does something need to be done to get the AI going?


The AI will start doing stuff. Just keep playing. We had the same thing happen in one of our games. AI may not have bought stuff until new cycle even…I cant remember.

It should prolly be fixed tho, no reason the AI should be waiting to start doing stuff.


Did you try turning it off and on again?

…sorry, I had to…


I believe Jay mentioned that the AI only submits moves every 4 ticks or so. The context was a discussion of the AIs advantage in turn-based games


It’s been almost 24 hours (real time game) and the AI hasn’t spent any money or captured any stars. It also somehow has 0 carriers. I’m thinking it needs to be jumpstarted somehow. Is it possible to have someone take it over?


This may be a separate issue, but I can confirm similar behavior. In a game I was in, I unfortunately ended up going AFK due to a real-world situation that kept me from playing for a while. When I came back, I noticed that I still had all my money that the AI had earned over that time, no money had been spent on anything, and there were no carrier movements other than the looping ones I had already set up. Maybe there’s an issue with the AI taking control when the player hasn’t explicitly quit?


Actually, after looking at it again, even my carriers aren’t doing anything. They all say that they’re looping, but all seem to be stuck 1 tick away from whatever star they were going to.


Is this is recent problem or has the AI always sometimes done nothing?


Is it a very large game?. I think there might be a restriction where AI are not allowed to think it they have more than 50 stars or so.


That would explain it, my former empire currently has 51 stars.


Not sure what you mean by large game, there are 10 plays with all the settings at their defaults.


Game # is 5395595593252864