The Gap into Madness

Turn based. 24 hours jumps and deadlines.

Players will start in clusters of 6 with a pretty large gap to get to the other three clusters.

I would join this game but I think 24 hour jumps is madness. Too much can happen in a 24 hour period.

Same here. If it were 6 or 8 hr jumps I would’ve joined. I can’t stand planning out 24 hrs at a time…it really is madness.

I’m playing a 24h jump (48h turn) game atm… it is madness, but I’m enjoying it for a change as you have to really adapt your tactics. Saying that, I’ll probably hate it the second I get attacked :wink: These settings make it almost impossible to defend well.

Here are the coordinates I used.


I’d be happy to see someone with more experience set up another game with modifications and other settings.

Jay, a clusters game might be cool for one of the 64 player games.

Thanks @cptcrackers

So… mapped it out with the same settings as the running game and to coordinates posted above.
Without using a warp gate, inter-cluster jumps take 2-4 days?
What have we gotten ourselves into? :slight_smile:

The test maps averaged about Hyper 15 to cross.

you are going to need a LOT of ships to land in another cluster OR an ally. The close quarters start and the long jumps make for a game where you have to move fast and then talk fast. My two favorite parts of NP.