The Iron crown needs YOU! position open


Hi there IHG-forum. I’m currently the last player left in a 6 player game on normal difficulty that strangely doesn’t feel like a lost cause despite situations like this:

And that’s just 1/6th of the map. Most of the rest isn’t much better, but the north-west portion is strangely untouched even though no one has been defending it for days now. So, I was wondering if there is anyone who would like to jump right into a game that’s already in high-gear and with PLENTY of zombies to deal with, but who won’t be fighting an impossible battle right off the bat. I’m asking if you want to rule this empire:

No upstart period, fight hordes of zombies right away! Who wouldn’t want that? Join now!

(If you’re wondering why I didn’t create this topic several days ago; I only figured out how to invite people just now)


Whoa, you aren’t dead yet? Fortune must smile on you indeed :slight_smile:


I’m the trolls, and I managed to secure my entire swamp kingdom at just three chokepoints, so surviving isn’t too hard. Sending in troops to clear however…


Don’t you run out of trolls at some point?


Jup. I’ve got about 60 citizens left.


Good luck then. Hope you get some players soon…


Already happened, thanks to Joshun for joining! Others are welcome but the empires you’ll be inheriting aren’t in a good shape no more…


I’ve taken up the “Goblins”, aka “mostly Orcs and some Trolls”, in the southwest. This is definitely still winnable!


Just joined the dwarfs. Seems like a win if we stay vigilant!


Wow, and like that the tides of war turned drastically. Thank you all for your help, guys!


not joining that to likely to screw something up but good luck with the stack of 42 spiders and lich king!